Motorised Setup Now Available in the Pioneer Luxury Hardfloor Range.

Camper Trailer Australia Magazine Staff — 16 July 2015

The Longreach, Onyx and Gascoyne campers are the first to be built on the adjusted riding gear, which will enable new buyers to option the 30kg motorised lift or retrofit at a later time.

The lift’s mechanism operates with four gears and can be manually overridden or engaged with a cordless drill. A switch and key ensure safe and efficient operation.

“It’s a dead man’s switch, which means someone has to be turning the key at all times for it to work. Flashing lights are also fitted so that people are aware it’s operating,” says Pioneer spokesperson Mark Hawkins.

It took Pioneer’s two full time designers shy of a year to develop the lift, which underwent a rigorous testing regime.

“The unit withstood more than a thousand cycles at testing stage with no issues,” Mark explains.

Pioneer proprietor Actco-Pickering Metal Industries has been providing specialist quality sheet metal fabrication and component manufacture since 1974.


Pioneer motorised lift hardfloor camper upgrade Gascoyne