Borgy’s Tried and Tested Wheel Assembly Trackside Fix

Michael Borg — 8 May 2015
Tips and How-To

As daunting as they seem, mechanical failures are a part of exploring the bush, therefore, acquainting yourself with top trackside fixes to safely guide your damaged rig to town could be the ultimate defence.

For example, did you know that building a sled and a skull for a trailer wheel that’s seized can help protect the assembly under tow?

“The idea is to eliminate the need for the wheel to spin,” says CTA field editor Michael Borg.

According to Borgy, v-shaped logs and old car panels make the perfect sled. It is then a matter of attaching a drag chain to the front of the camper to keep it from sliding behind the wheel.

“Remember to tie the actual wheel to the sled to stop it sliding out the sides, too."

More than just 4WDing folklore, this is a fix that Borgy has personally used himself.

“I dragged an old box trailer for about six hours on a roof rack cage once — worked a treat!,” he says.

See more of Borgy’s last resort fixes in an up and coming edition of Camper Trailer Australia magazine.


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