All Terrain and Explorer to Drop Trailers from Their Product Ranges

David Cook — 19 March 2015

Both All Terrain Campers and Explorer Campers have announced in recent weeks that they will no longer provide camper trailers as part of their product line-up, redirecting their efforts elsewhere instead.

All Terrain’s Danielle Roberts stated that she and husband Ian had moved their business from Sydney to the regional NSW centre of Bathurst in an attempt to reduce overheads but virtually all their suppliers had increased their prices over the January-February period.

“We were already a premium price manufacturer,” Danielle told CTA, “and to further increase our prices was simply not going to be viable [to manufacture locally, in the way we wish]."

All Terrain will continue with its canvas ute covers, canvas work, adjustable hitches and other items.

Explorer Campers owner Scott Crichton told CTA that his business, based in the NSW Central Coast city of Gosford, was doing well in the first half of 2014, but in the second half of the year demand slowed.

It was decided that he and partner Andrew Lynch would split, with Scott retaining the business, without their campers and focussing on their slide-ons. — David Cook.


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