Meet the winners of our Complete Campsite Jabiru softfloor camper competition

Camper Trailer Australia — 29 May 2014

What could be better than travelling the length and the breadth of Australia with your very own Complete Campsite Jabiru softfloor camper? Getting one for free, of course!

That's what happened to Bob and Marcia Kemp from Balhannah, South Australia, who entered a subscription competition hosted by Camper Trailer Australia, Caravan World, 4x4 and Motorhome and Caravan Trader magazines in 2013. In February of this year Emma Ryan, Editor of Camper Trailer Magazine phoned our prize winner Bob to let let him know the good news - naturally we had to capture the moment on film.

But what about the prize? The Complete Campsite Jabiru softfloor camper was voted Camper Trailer magazine's Offroad Camper of the Year in 2013. The name says it all. The Jabiru ($34,800) truly is a complete campsite, offering everything you need for a night away at the local camping ground, or several months in the outback. 

Emma got the chance to meet our winners in person, as she visited the Complete Campsite factory at Gosford in New South Wales. The Kemps travelled all the way from Adelaide to claim their prize and they're hoping to head the Kimberly, WA, once Bob retired. Now that they've got the Jabiru, we think they're ready for an adventure!

Many thanks to everyone at Complete Campers for supplying such an amazing prize!

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