Camper Trailer Australia — 4 October 2013

What is a generator?

A generator is a device which converts mechanical energy into electric energy. It provides electricity independent of an electrical grid which makes it particularly useful when camping. A generator is powered by an internal combustion engine (traditional generators) or by a turbine (hydro-electric power generators).

Benefits of generators for camping

There are many advantages for investing in a generator for camping, including:

  • Generators provide ready access to power in remote areas or unpowered sites.
  • Generators are also useful during power outages at powered sites.
  • Having a generator can provide your main power or be utilised as a backup source.
  • Generators are highly portable, quick to pack and easy to use at a camp site.
  • Generators are invaluable when powering high voltage appliances such as an RV’s air-conditioning units.

Tips for using generators while camping

  • Always check with the parks you plan to stay if generators are permitted.
  • Be mindful of other campers when using your generator in public camp areas.
  • Assess how many appliances will draw power from the generator in order to avoid putting too much load on the generator.

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