Rooftop tent review: Exceed RT Tourer

Gary Tischer — 15 February 2022
People say that good things come in small packages — how does the RT Tourer from Exceed stack up?

Sometimes you just want to climb into bed after some tough travelling. In a couple of minutes you have your bed set up, a place out of the rain and access to all your gear. If you are staying longer than overnight, another easy few minutes will see you have more undercover area on the other side of the trailer and the kitchen.


Quality components add up to a quality build — simple as that. This is a fully Aussie made trailer from south east Queensland on a purpose built chassis galvanised after a hot dip before having the Cruisemaster suspension bolted on. Air bag or coil suspension is your choice. The six storage compartments are CAD designed and fit together to give you over 2000L of storage space that is easily accessible.

The rooftop tent is from Crazy Dog Canvas in Hervey Bay. I purchased a similar tent from Jason at Crazy Dog a few years ago so I know it well. The canvas is of course quality Aussie canvas and the workmanship is second to none. One of the best design features is that when the tent is set up, the awning is part of the tent so that not only do you get a bed, but you also get an undercover area the length of the tent. This is invaluable if it’s raining. I say this from experience in Tassie where it rained four out of five days for a month.


Often small trailers don’t have enough storage space but the EXCEED has plenty of storage in six large, easily accessible compartments. This means it will be easy to find what you are looking for as items like tables and chairs can be stored separately to clothes and food. The separate L-shaped awning is also quick and easy to setup as it is free-standing, although best to tie it down in windy weather. This awning covers one whole side of the trailer (and more) as well as the pullout kitchen at the rear. The beauty of an awning on this side means you will always be able to find shade or a place out of the rain even with the wind blowing.

The pullout kitchen has a return that gives plenty of preparation area and a shelf to store food and cooking items. Kids will be able to access this without coming into the kitchen area. There is space for a stove if you already have one or it can be supplied. Water is plumbed so it is available next to the stove. The fridge is an upright 65L one that is accessible whether the kitchen is out or not.


Although the EXCEED Camper a small footprint behind the tow vehicle, once stopped there are multiple methods of creating a spacious living area whether sleeping overnight or on an extended stay. With Aussie-made components, the build and design of the EXCEED is a winner in my books.

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Tare: 1040kg

ATM: 1600kg

Payload: up to 560kg 

Ball weight: 110kg

Suspension: Cruisemaster Independent Suspension (coil or air bag) 

Coupling: DO35 

Chassis: Hot dipped 

Wheels & tyres:  3 x 16" Method Race Wheels with LT265/70R16 tyres

Style: Camper trailer and rooftop tent


Body size: 1850mm (W) x 2100mm (H)

Towed length: 3450mm


Water: 2 x 65L

Battery: 200 a/h Lithium

Charging: DCDC Charger, 240V 40A

Inverter: 2000W pure sine wave

Kitchen: Pull out short kitchen with return

Fridge: 65L

Jockey wheel: ARK XO Off-road Extreme

Rooftop Tent: Crazy Dog Canvas Future 2

Rooftop tent walls/room: Crazy Dog Canvas

Shower tent: Nomad swing out

Hot water: Joolca Hot tap and quick release bracket

Awning: Bushwakka U-Beaut 270 degree free standing


EXCEED Campers (Enquiries by appointment)


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