Camping Recipes: Borgy’s Lamb Shanks

Michael Borg — 24 September 2015

There’s just nothing like cooking up a monster feed straight over the fire. Camp cooking strips everything back to its purest form, there’s no electric fan forced ovens and no exhaust fans to soak up the smoke, but I’m sure you’ll agree, it just tastes better!

You can’t beat the smell, or the tenderness of a succulent roast pulled straight from the camp oven, and don’t even get me started on that smokey taste you get with crispy bacon! Yep, I reckon cooking over the fire takes a perfect recipe to a whole new level, and when you nail it, it’s pretty easy to become absolutely addicted to camp cooking.

But it’s not all flowers and roses. In fact, camp cooking can be quite difficult until you get the hang of it. Maintaining that perfect cooking temperature is the biggest challenge; too hot and burn the b-Jesus out if it, too cold and it won’t bloody cook at all!

For more recipes pick up a copy of Camper Trailer Australia Magazine. In the latest issue I’ve put together a list of my all-time favourite recipes for life on the road. These are hands-down my favourite meals to satisfy even the hungriest of hungry campers. Some are super easy, and some are slightly more in-depth, but I guarantee you one thing; they’ll all leave you drooling for more.


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