2014 CTOTY Winner: Complete Campsite Soft Floor

Camper Trailer Australia — 7 March 2014

A decade of refinement has pushed this self-sufficient, family-friendly camper to the top of its class.


The softfloor camper market is where Complete Campsite started, and with its anniversary edition — 10 years since the arrival of proprietors Grant and Jodie Joyce — it has hit the nail squarely on the head with an incredibly fine-tuned camper trailer.

That’s not to say Complete Campsite hasn’t been good in the past; it has always been top of the line, and has stayed there through a willingness to adapt and change, constantly adding refinements and features to already competent and well-finished campers.


As with all things, this policy of excellence is reflected in the price — $44,950 for this particular camper, as we saw it at Robe. But gee, you get a lot of camper for your money.

The traditional side-fold softfloor design is built upon a strong chassis, with all plumbing and wiring contained internally to avoid snagging and catching offroad. It has a long drawbar which serves as the base for a large front platform, which not only protects the trailer but also creates a heap of room for storage.


Set up is fairly straight forward for a softfloor, and the tent extends with ease thanks to the struts on the hood bows. In fact, it is struts that define this camper. Take the fridge, for example. The drawer extends on silk-smooth slides, and then with a flick of the wrist it swings around parallel with the back of the camper, controlled by a gas strut that stops it and holds it precisely. It is a beautiful piece of engineering which sets a new standard for camper trailer fridge access.

But that’s fairly typical of Complete Campsite. In the past, the pantry extended out over the stainless kitchen and created problems because it required the removal of items from the stove and kitchen bench. Complete Campsite was aware of the issue and has fixed it on this camper. The pantry now comes out on the kitchen and opens by the top sliding backwards, so it no longer creates a problem, rather adds bench space.


There are more features on this camper than we can hope to describe here. The queen innerspring bed with bed bag, roomy, carpeted walk-up access with drawers, access steps that sit up off the vinyl floor to avoid punching holes, light controls adjacent to the bed and thermal blanket all speak of this camper’s high level of comfort.


The electrical fit-out is thorough, with dual 105Ah AGM batteries, water and battery monitors, dC-dC charger, resettable fuses, 40amp mains charger, 400W inverter, 240V inlet and outlets, RCd and 120W of solar. There is a gas hot water system, 80L of water capacity in jerry cans and a 95L main water tank, plus pumps to access water from creeks for washing or showering. There is also an ensuite shower/toilet room with hot running water.


These are just some of the major features, but it continues right down to minor details, such as a clear vinyl cover that keeps water off zips (reducing the chance of water getting through these permeable joins), numerous internal pockets for small items and a small night light at the rear for comfort while setting up in the dark or safe entry and exit through the awning. We don’t know how it’s going to improve on this next year, but we’re sure Complete Campsite will come up with something. Top marks.

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MIKE PAVEY: An excellent touring trailer with most comforts. Innovation comes from the moisture seals on the ensuite zip, the ensuite design, bed bag, thermal roof, pump-fromstream option, and the front storage platform.

A substantial chassis, Zincanneal bodywork, Rhino stone protection to drawbar and under-body tar spray. An excellent ensuite design. It’s longer and heavier than the average tourer, so might not be as nimble as some. There’s easy access to storage under the bed and in side compartments, free-flowing slide-out kitchen/pantry/fridge and top-end battery management system. It’s only missing a heater. This is easy to set up, with excellent tub storage and slide-out drawers. A well-built and packaged camper with most comforts. Good resale thanks to the strength of the Complete Campsite brand.

STU JONES: This camper has got even better; a perfect tourer for the larger family. Plenty of innovation here — what about that kitchen?! That slide-out kitchen/pantry bench is sublime.

Very good self-suffciency for under $45k, and the quality and construction is excellent. Just how do they get that canvas so taut? It’s right up there for specs and comforts, too. I like the thought that goes into everything, like the LED lighting in each storage bin linked to the same switch.

This was the only camper with the easy-move ratchet jockey wheel. But you will have to fork out extra for the rest of your annex walls. A lot of camper, with quality fittings and good resale.

EMMA RYAN: This camper further evidences my long-held theory that nothing Complete Campsite does is anything less than immaculate. Every detail on the Soft Floor Anniversary is thoughtful and beautifully presented, from the carpeted and LED-lit myriad storage compartments to that transformer of a kitchen, which swings, swivels and unfolds in a veritable square dance of userfriendly functionality.

This camper has been designed by intelligent campers and carefully crafted to ensure life at camp is a breeze. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the ultimate softfloor.

DAVID COOK: For campers not on a budget, especially families, this is a great camper trailer. It’s as self-sufficient as you could ask for. The capacity to handle almost any water source in some way, along with solar, plenty of battery storage and a rugged build means you’re unlikely to be caught out.

It all comes at a price, but if we’re looking for the best, this is it. The only thing I would have liked to have seen is the use of hot-dip galvanising rather than Supagal.

The clean underneath with all wiring and plumbing in the chassis will help with fuel consumption and reduce the risk of snagging sticks or breaking something off.

The camper goes up as easily as it goes down. Softfloor campers have come a long way. This would be very easy to live with, even with the spreader bar awning.

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