Best camper trailers: Complete Campsite Exodus 14

Camper Trailer Australia — 7 March 2014

For civilised living far from civilisation, it’s hard to beat the Exodus 14.


Complete Campsite is no stranger to CTOTY, and this year the company presented its range-topping hybrid, the Exodus 14. When a caravan is too big and heavy, or when a traditional camper trailer too small or onerous to set up, the Exodus 14 is a natural fit. You could go deep into the bush with the Exodus 14 and know you could live there comfortably for a long time without feeling like you’re roughing it.

This isn’t a clean-sheet new product — its smaller sibling the Exodus 11 won the hybrid section of the awards last year — but not only does it have extra body length, it has also maintained relevance in its innovative kitchen and the simple, centralised location to set-up water, lighting and heating. Add to this a strong chassis, suspension and body and you have the makings of an excellent offroad expedition base camp.


Not only does the Exodus 14 have the water, diesel, gas, electrical provision and solar to stay away for a long time, but if you need to weather a storm or two while away, this is the camper to do it in. There’s plenty of interior space and heating to boot.

That’s assuming it’s cold — if it’s steaming hot, there are equally attractive climate-control options. Not only does the roof skirt canvas bench, plus an additional slide-out stainless steel box towards the front of the camper. This storage box also serves as additional kitchen bench space.

There are three cooking choices: the three-burner Smev gas cooker, an induction cooker or the Weber Q that comes with the Complete Campsite. The sink has a pressurised hot/cold mixer tap, and the diesel heater also heats the water for both the inside and outside sink water taps, and the ensuite.

An 82L EvaKool fridge/freezer lives on a slide-out adjacent to the kitchen.The ensuite is a party trick we’ve seen before but one we never get sick of. The top-hinged rear panel lifts on struts to reveal a poly ensuite that you unhook and simply let drop down.

Hit the hot water button in the cabin, peg the ensuite down if you feel inclined and plug in the shower rose. Give it a few minutes and you’ll feel what you never quite feel after a few days out in the bush — clean.


Having enough water to serve all kitchen, drinking water and shower requirements can put pressure on any camper’s water capacity, but the Exodus 14 is one of the best for lugging its own water into camp. A total of 130L sits in the custom made/shaped water tank plus the two standard jerries take another 40L. If you’re near a natural water source, the Exodus 14 can also pump water in, filter it and then fill the main 130L tank.

For sheltered outside living there is a Fiamma 435 awning, mesh floor and canvas walls. Powering the fridge, water pumps and lights are two 105Ah batteries fed by 300W roof-mounted solar panels. In the summer months you’d get homesick before you ran out of power at camp with the Exodus 14.

Now this is what I call a well-equipped home away from home. So well equipped, in fact, you could do away with your “real” home altogether and live in the bush! It’s got comfortable internal living space with heating and cooling options as well as access to facilities including a kitchen, so it’s suited for inclement weather.

The outside kitchen is a classic Complete Campsite number; functional, stylish, spacious and extremely user-friendly.

You’ll be self-suffcient for yonks with solar power and a water system so advanced it can even draw externally, filter and refill the main tank. All in all, awesome!

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PHIL LORD: This is a very good camper for its intended purpose — it strikes the right balance between size and features, and is well made and feels solid.

Overall it’s got a very high standard of finish. It’s not a flyweight to haul up big Red comfortably; the Exodus is more a rough road tourer. In that regard, it works very well. It’s also a simple hybrid to use, with spaciousness and easy access.

While it is comprehensively equipped, perhaps a little more bling — such as a TV — would be a good feature.

JOHN "BEAR" WILLIS: This is excellent. It’s a little heavy, but just look at what you get: a great combination of ideas refined by experienced industry leaders. It’ll go anywhere, do anything for extended periods — it’s got the lot. This is a pleasure to see, feel and tow.

Excellent finish, and with premium quality fittings, accessories and construction. Terrific offroad for a unit of its size and capabilities, great for long distance corrugations as well. There’s one word for it — liveable — inside and out. It’s a lot of money but you get what you pay for. Quality costs money!

It’s definitely got the X-factor — wow!

STU JONES: This has everything needed to be comfortable for a long time, wherever you want to be. It’s improved with a new roofline, convection cooker inside rather than gas and increased door height, while the elimination of the fridge inside gives a lot more storage.

The best on test for self-sufficiency by some distance, a 10/10 easily.

Offroad isn’t its strongest point — its size hurts. but it will get to more places than many think. I personally have seen one towed with no problems on some tight High Country tracks. My personal favourite comforts were the thermostat-controlled interior fan to keep the inside at a desirable temperature and the Weber Q. but I liked the whole kit; it’s just so well thought out and comfortable.

Hey... wouldn’t the other half be happy with you if you dragged this one home!

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