Best camper trailers: $45,000 and over

Camper Trailer Australia — 7 March 2014

This is the no-holds-barred corner of the camper world where opulence is the name of the game and price is no obstacle. The elite few who find themselves shopping in this aisle are probably on their second, third or even fourth camper, and are looking for a serious touring mobile in which to escape the mundane for weeks, perhaps even months at a time.

And of course, when you’re parting with this much cash, the highest level of quality and every comfort of home go without saying.

Best camper reviews: $45,000 and over

Aussie Swag Ultra D

The winner of this year’s luxury category, the Ultra D proves it is Australia’s best hardfloor camper. The Ultra D is an outstanding piece of engineering in anyone’s language. It’s tough, strong, ultimately practical and extremely good looking. The finishes and materials are superb.

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Complete Campsite Hard Floor Anniversary

A luxurious offroad camper dedicated to functionality and quality. This compact and bush-worthy machine is built on a solid chassis with a long list of functional features, including state-of-the-art kitchen, tonnes of storage, high security and plenty of power options for long stays.

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Ultimate Campers Xplor

Compact and capable, this go-anywhere camper is, as the name suggests, ready to explore. Favourite camper of editor Emma Ryan, this rig ticks a lot of boxes thanks to solid construction, winning design, a luxurious interior and easy setup, with one-person manageability.

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Travelander Geo Convert 2

The Geo Convert 2 has what campers want the most – hardfloor accommodation and supreme ease of use. On top of this, the rig boasts some wonderful comforts, storage and accessories, all packaged on a terrific offroad trailer.

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