2014 CTOTY: Travelander Evron DC2

Camper Trailer Australia — 20 December 2013

For easy, comfortable family camping, the Travelander Evron DC2 reigns supreme. 


The Evron DC2 is Travelander’s dual cab unit and suits all dual cab ute models with a tray. At 580kg dry, as reviewed, it was the second heaviest slide-on tested, but this unit had a lot of extras added to it. It followed the standard form of all good slide-ons by having all the heaviest items — 120L water tank, 2 x 120Ah batteries, etc. — up the front, forward of the axle.


But let’s get straight to the serious stuff: that remote open and close function! Every camper involves some measure of work in the set-up, whether it’s simply dropping stabiliser legs, pulling out the kitchen or setting up an awning — even up to one of those vast 18ft tents with awnings and floors and privacy screens and internal walls and all the rest. You have to be prepared to put in some effort otherwise we’d all be staying in motels.

That said, to be able to press the button on that remote and watch the top rotate over and the tent fold out behind it in a matter of seconds, well, that’s pretty neat. And at the end of a long day’s driving you don’t mind an extra few kilometres because you know the effort to set up camp at the end is going to be minimal. And the rest of the camper isn’t bad either.


There are large awnings that can be erected on two sides of the camper for that added footprint of livable space — the rear, over the kitchen, can remain permanently attached. There’s also a Truma gas space heater, a hot water system to feed the kitchen and the shower, a queen sized bed in north-south configuration, plus room for a couple of bunk beds for the little ones.


The kitchen is compact, but that’s not unusual for a slide-on camper. It has an upright 92L Travelander fridge/freezer made by EvaKool, with a clever bottom storage tray to catch cold air so when you open it you don’t lose the lot. There is also a cutting board bench, a three-burner Dometic stove and stainless sink with electric mixer tap, the last two of which are on a clever fold-up and slide-away drawer. There are hanging pockets to keep all cutlery and cooking utensils clean and organised, plus pantry storage behind smoked Perspex screens.


There’s even a mirror. And we all know how many camper manufacturers forget to include a mirror! Internally there are two huge storage drawers, one of which goes the full width of the camper and can be accessed from either side. Exiting the bed, which stands 920mm above the floor, might be a bit daunting — especially in the dark. You have to step down onto a narrow shelf (350mm exposed beyond the mattress overhang), then over the auto closing/opening arm and down 350mm on to a narrower (150mm wide) step. This might present a challenge to those with poor mobility, but sleeping up that high does give one a sense of security and comfort.


There are two optional locations for the shower. The high tent windows will help with airflow and the permanently affixed topical roof helps in keeping things cool.


At $32,500 this camper gave a lot of bang for the buck and was the best suited to families of the four campers on review.

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JOHN WILLIS: This one does it for me! And I love the worm drive remote set-up. But take a point off for the extra weight. It might not be new, but it’s grouse! It’s got all the bells and whistles, good water, good power and it’s nice to get off the ground and onto a hardfloor when living in the bush. The ensuite’s a great addition.

The finish looks good to me! It’s a strong fibreglass box, the tent’s good and the hardfloor and kitchen are great. A very easy set-up and high head room. The ease is grouse, the value’s grouse, and the “wow” — sensational!

STUART JONES: Plenty of comfort, an attractive price point and an oh-so-easy set-up. It’s a little heavier than others on offer, though. The custom-designed 95L EvaKool fridge and the push-button set-up is still a treat to see.

Scores well with self-sufficiency, too — two batteries as standard, 120L water and heaps
of room for storage. No problems with the quality, and a vastly improved finish.

You would definately need a suspension upgrade and to watch your overall weights. I don’t see this as a major hurdle. If you’re going for a slide-on, I doubt anyone would be planning to whack the best part of half-a-tonne on to the rear and plan to use standard factory options.

No internal shower but an excellent overall package. Full walls, awnings, midge-proof flyscreens all included, which makes this the best family option for me.

EMMA RYAN: So easy to set up — literally the push of a button! This wins it big marks for ease of use. I’m short and a bit lazy, so for me, this is fantastic.

It would also be a very easy camper to live with, even with kids. The hardfloor is big enough for bunks, and there’s a privacy screen to keep mum and dad’s place in the “tallest tower” — as I have dubbed the bed —at least semi sacred. There’s loads of storage, and vital extras for pleasant family camping, like a hot water shower, a decent size fridge and even an indoor space heater.

Every detail is beautifully finished, and the overall vibe is one of quality and comfort. All in all, I love it.


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