Apart from the most amazing scenery of sandstone cliff faces, deep gorges, crisp creeks and giant waterfalls, Kanangra-Boyd National Park and its surrounds is full of wonder and adventure.

Kanangra-Boyd highlights

Kanangra-Boyd National Park camping

There are two main camp sites, the Boyd River campground and Dingo Dell Campground. Only the Boyd River offers caravan and trailer camping.

If you're planning on staying outside the Kanangra-Boyd National Park, there's a wide range of accommodation in the Blue Mountains area.

Jenolan Caves

Situated between the park and the Jenolan State Forest, the world-famous Jenolan Caves attract 250,000 visitors a year, making them the most visited of several similar groups of limestone in the country. The cave network in its entirety runs over 40km, so the parts open to the public cover only a small part of this. They are the oldest discovered open caves in the world and host numerous marine fossils. Scientists estimate the age of the clay in the caves to be approx. 340-million-years old!

The Boyd River

The Boyd River and also the Kowmung River are popular with the fishing fraternity and have been known to dish up success on the trout front. For the adventurous the same rivers can be used for canyoning during the warmer months.Top of Form

Kanangra-Boyd has a diverse range of plant life, some of it unique to the national park. Heath and Mallee dominate exposed areas while tall snow gum forests can also be found in the park.

The wildlife population is extensive; the red-necked wallaby thrives in this area. Honeyeaters, wrens and fruit-eating pigeons are just some of the 195 species of birds that can be spotted in the park on a daily basis.

Mountain bikers be sure to bring your bikes as the parks fire trails are phenomenal. These can also be explored with the 4WD also. For those who are handy with a map there’s plenty of opportunity for self-reliant bushwalking. There are also marked trails suitable even for the kids.

Kanangra-Boyd National Park itinerary

Day 1: Park the camper trailer by one of the camp spots by the river and hit up those mountain bike trails for the majority of the day then take a perch by 5pm for some fishing and, hopefully, fish for dinner.

Day 2: Spend this entire day at the caves. There is a reason 250,000 people flock every year to this destination, so take it all in and read up on what you’re seeing.

Day 3: Get your map and compass out and self-direct yourself around the park’s trails. Take a locator beacon if you’re going off the tracks. 

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