Englaon 24" 12V Rechargeable TV Review

Camper Staff — 24 January 2019

Is there a more evocative nostalgia trip than watching a movie outside, under the stars with a gaggle of chattering kids up the front on bean bags and a couple of oldies sat in camp chairs up the back?

For us here at Camper, the Englaon rechargeable TV brought back childhood memories of projectors and pull-up screens at campsites of yore. It had us wondering why we don’t watch movies outside more often.

We found it beautifully straightforward to set up and organise. You plug it into your power-source of choice, leave it for three hours, detach it from your power-source, select a position outside from where to screen your night-time feature and then arrange seating positions. It really is that simple.

The Englaon has a built in DVD slot and a USB port, so you can play movies from your library no worries; plus, it comes with a TV aerial signal booster to further enhance signal catching capability, so you can catch up on the news or your favourite shows, even when way out bush.

Initially we were slightly underwhelmed — everyone knows what a TV does, right? But let me tell you, when was the last time you watched a movie outside surrounded by friends and family? It’s a completely different experience. You’ll never want to watch a movie indoors again!

Check out: www.englaon.com.au


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