Jockey Wheel Ark: Gear Review

Dan Everett — 11 January 2018

There’s not a lot to be said for the humble jockey wheel. They let you un-hitch your camper. And possibly allow you to steer it around the driveway, if they’re not so rickety they bind up with even the suggestion of movement. Luckily for Ark their XO Jockey Wheel is anything but humble. On a recent jaunt to the far northern reaches of the Cape York Peninsula we were able to bring one along for the journey to find out just how Extreme Offroad Ark’s Extreme Offroad wheel is.

The first thing of note is how stout this thing is built. Sure, there’s a discernible difference between bargain basement wheels and a name-brand component, but the XO is on another level. It just feels sturdy, from the positive engagement of the winding and tilting mechanisms to the solid clunk as the wheel kicks into place you’re not for a second wondering if it’s strong enough. And with a rating of 750kg Ark is more than backing their product. Ark claims the twin wheel design allows you to disconnect the camper and self-recover the trailer as a stand alone unit if need be. We tested it on the soft sands of Loyalty Beach, and despite digging down further than we had expected the increased footprint eventually found purchase and allowed us to nose the trailer out on the end of a snatch strap.

Corrugations and ruts proved little concern to the Ark offering either. With the Peninsula Development Road claiming everything from UHF antennas to bullbar mounts the XO stayed put throughout the length of the trip. The removable handle and wheel position lock also meant that with the XO tilted up there was no risk of low-hanging components snagging anything offroad.

Sure, the XO is no feather-weight in the price department, but it’s packed with features and design cues that should entice everyone from the serious offroad dweller through to someone looking for a fully adjustable wheel to make shifting their pride and joy around that little bit easier.

RRP: $350

Where: most major automotive outlets

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