Victorinox Hunter Pro Pocket Knife

CTA Editorial — 1 August 2018

Famed for its multi-bladed tools, the Swiss Army Knife brand Victorinox, recognised the need for a single-bladed knife for the American hunting and camping market. The model first gained its fame in the United States, but it has soon become very popular all over the world as a tool that is highly adaptable for outdoor uses. Whether you are looking to baton a log or preparing food, Hunter Pro is a serious blade for you to survive and thrive in the wilderness. The large blade is incredibly strong and easily accessible with one hand; and the ergonomic shape makes for a very stable grip.

Hunter Pro comes in black or orange SoftTouch material, and a beautiful special-edition wooden-handled version – the Hunter Pro Wood. The handle of Hunter Pro Wood is made from warm, smooth walnut from Switzerland, and is embossed with the iconic Victorinox cross-and-shield logo. Every Hunter Pro Wood Swiss Army Knife is unique – each knife has its own grain pattern, making it a very special piece to own.

Victorinox Hunter Pro Pocket Knife

RRP: $195 for black or orange, $299 for Hunter Pro Wood
Where: Online
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