Pre-holiday camper checklist

Laura Gray — 22 December 2016

Before you pack up the camper and hit the dusty road, it's essential to ensure your camper is in tip-top mechanical shape.

Queensland's Vehicle Components, sponsor of Camper Trailer Australia's Camper Trailer of the Year competition, has put together a list of checks you can do yourself and those you'll need a mechanic or service centre to do for you... 


  1. Check if your break away switch is working and battery is fully charged
  2. Tyre pressure is at the recommended PSI
  3. All lights work correctly
  4. All nipples are greased
  5. Safety chains are in good working order & crossed (e.g. no damage to chains due to jacks knifing)
  6. Tow tongue and tow bar are in good condition (e.g. no rust or wear)
  7. Coupling fitted and working
  8. Bolts checked on your suspension
  9. Wheel nuts correctly torqued
  10. Brakes adjusted

For those not wishing to do checks themselves, the Vehicle Components Brisbane service centre provides a range of servicing options for caravans and campers trailers

  • Brake inspection, service & replacement
  • Wheel bearing inspection, service & replacement
  • Suspension lubrication & overhaul
  • Axle replacement
  • Coupling replacement & upgrade
  • Pre-trip inspections
  • Suspension retrofits
  • Caravan repairs
  • Wheel alignments
  • Servicing of all suspension types


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