Introducing the Patriot Campers X2 Tourer

Editorial Team — 25 December 2023
Australia is made for adventures, and these are made easier with Patriot Campers’ latest release, the Patriot Campers X2 Tourer.

Patriot Campers is an award-winning Aussie manufacturer, and its newest model, the X2 Tourer, imbibes the best of the beloved Patriot camper trailer design and adds something new and exciting for the summer of 2023.

The GEN2 Patriot Campers range has continued evolving, growing bigger and better to match the adventurous spirit of its owners, but even with this growth Patriot Campers believes there’s a place for brilliant simplicity without compromising on innovation.

In the creation of the X2 Tourer, the Patriot team wanted to focus on a lightweight, exceptionally comfortable GEN2 camper trailer that can go anywhere and is available at a more accessible price point.

Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s dive into what’s new in the X2 Tourer.

Integrated rooftop tent

This one is a first for Patriot Campers. Owners will enjoy a fully integrated A-frame style hard shell roof top tent (RTT) that is integrated into the body of the camper trailer. While the design of the A-frame style RTT isn’t a new one, Patriot has incorporated innovations that will ensure owners have a user-friendly and comfortable experience.

Multi-room attachment

The X2 Tourer’s multi-room attachment is another brand-new addition to Patriot’s design. As the name may suggest, it’s a versatile design feature to cater to all kinds of touring situations and lifestyles.

Dual access points

Incorporated into the design of the RTT are dual entry access points. One is via a built-in ladder located at the drawbar of the camper trailer, and the second is with a detachable side ladder.

New concrete grey colour

The Patriot DNA rings true in the X2 Tourer. Built from lightweight aluminium, this innovative design features a smooth finish with hard tooled body panels and compressed latches, giving it a sleek and contemporary look that will certainly catch eyes while on the road — and off it.

For more information, head over to the Patriot Campers website, or watch the official release video on YouTube below:


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