Camper Trailer Australia — 4 October 2013

If you want to take your tech luxuries and creature comforts on your next camping trip you are going to require power. As we all know, televisions, computers, cameras all need power, as do all your kitchen appliances and lights.

Power will be supplied by either generators or batteries. In turn, batteries require additional power in order to replenish the batteries. Losing track? Not to worry, we bring you our ultimate guide to powering your campsite. Read the features below to help answer any power for camping questions and queries you may have.

Powering your camper:

Battery systems for camping

If on a camping trip you want to be able to charge your camera battery, keep your drinks icy cold, heat your food and still be able to start your vehicle the next morning, then this guide to battery systems is for you. 

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Solar power for camping

Visiting a remote or unpowered camp site? Chances are you will need to run you must-have appliances via solar energy. Solar power is increasing in popularity amongst campers. Find out why.

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DIY camp battery systems

Even automotive experts unfamiliar with camper trailer set-ups can underestimate the shortfalls occurring as a result of voltage drop. So, rather than contract the wrong person to install a battery and charging system, why not do it yourself?

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Generators for camping

Ready access to 240V power is important when you’re camping in the bush or even when you only have access to unpowered sites. Learn more about the benefits of generators for camping.

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