Camper Trailer Australia — 19 February 2014


Comfort tip #1: Keep the bugs and humidity out with an old tent

An old idea readapted to a camper trailer came from Des Matejka, from Hurstville Grove, NSW. He suspended an old Cabron tent interior, which is made from a light cotton material, inside his Cub camper to enclose the bed. The “inner tent” traps body heat, keeping you warmer on cold nights, as well as humidity, to reduce condensation. And it keeps the insects out. It folds up so small that it packs easily on the bed.

Comfort tip #2: Sew little corners on sheets to keep them tidy

Jenny Carter from Warragul, Vic, keeps her bed neat and tidy, even when it is being lifted up to access storage underneath, by sewing corners into the top sheet or blanket. This means that the end of the top sheet now resembles a fitted bottom sheet and stays tucked in.

Comfort tip #3: Stay cool in the tropics with an old tarp

Rob Wilford, Gordon, NSW, secures a tarp to the top of his camper trailer to keep the interior cool. The secured tarp acts like a tropical roof and is pulled taught and supported by alloy poles, pegs and rope. The tarp sits 20cm above the tent roof and 50cm from the back for superior coverage and air circulation.

Comfort tip #4: Stay hydrated when you’re offroad

Peter and Sue Gardner from Mansfield, Vic, stay hydrated offroad by fitting two water filter cartridges to the front of their camper with snap-on fittings for hoses. Galvanised sheet protects the cartridges from stone peppering.

Comfort tip #5: Monitor the temperature inside your camper

Attaching a fish-tank thermometer to the wall of your camper will help you keep track of the temperature at camp. The thermometers are available at most pet stores and will set you back a couple of dollars at the very most.

Comfort tip #6: Hang clothes under cover when it’s raining

Barry and Marg Worling from Glen Innes, NSW, fit eye bolts to the top of their awning poles to string a clothes line when it rains. No more carrying around damp or dirty clothes in the rain. 

Comfort tip #7: Turn an old painter’s scaffold into a step

Kevin Davis from Kurnell, NSW spotted painter’s scaffold at a hardware store and thought it would make the perfect step for his camper trailer. He cut the legs down to stumps so it was long enough to accept the rubber feet and voila, the step was an exact fit for his trailer. And the legs fold flat, too.

Comfort tip #8: Keep bugs out with a screen that falls back into place

Kirsten Craze from Mordialloc, Vic, keeps her camper bug free using an insect screen constructed from soft black Tulle, an iron-on hem and flat curtain weights purchased from Spotlight. The Tulle loops around the door frame ridge pole and is held in place by the curtain weights. It even falls back into place when the dog walks through it — once the dog is done biting its bum!

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