Behind the Brand: Austrack Campers

Sam Richards — 30 January 2020
We discover a bit more about the workplace culture of Austrack Campers at REDARC Camper Trailer of the Year 2020.

The success of the Tanami since its release at the Brisbane show in August 2019 has easily justified the R&D and resources invested into developing a hybrid, Sean Peterson and Gavin Woodford of Austrack say. Sean attributes the hybrid’s success to the expertise which has been funnelled into its development and in management’s approach of working collaboratively with experienced staff.

“Between the three or four of us in the shed, we have 40 years of experience in caravans and camper trailers,” Sean says. “All staff have been involved and allowed their input. There’s a few of us in Melbourne, and nearly 40 of us up here. Everyone feels like part of the company and part of the success. We spend as much time together as we do with family, so in a way, we have to be family ourselves.

“That’s indicative of Austrack — not working under each other, but working with each other. As long as we are doing our job, and doing it right, our boss is more than happy to listen to us. It helps keep us all happy and involved and, in turn, makes for a quality product. When all of us are working for a company we want to work for, it shows in the product.”

Some of the points of difference Sean identifies relate to the build quality of the product. For example, the Tanami steers away from timber frames in favour of an all aluminium frame with proper composite panel walls (which are stronger, lighter, and easier to fix) and ensures roof materials are up to the Australian environment (eg. by using urethane not silicone seals).

Gavin elaborated: “We invested a lot of time and effort into the product itself, prior to it leaving the factory. Now, we have a product that offers the best of both worlds. The thing about hybrids is that they’re the best of caravans and camper trailers merged into one. While we may not have been the first to the hybrid market, we believe we have taken it to another level.” 

The quality, both agree, will not only make the Tanami a good hybrid to own, but will mean it sells well if or when the time comes to re-sell.

“We hear a lot of customers talking about buying investment, about how it can depreciate, but with the Austrack Tanami, you will still be able to move it on for a considerable sum,” Sean says. 

A 15 foot version is also available. 


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