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Ron Moon — 16 April 2015

A few weeks ago, we drove along the Beachport region’s great beaches. In fact, you can drive from near the Victorian border all the way north to the mouth of the Murray River via the beaches that stretch north and south of Beachport, including Robe. Some sections are suitable only for the experienced and heavily-equipped 4WDers, however, many offer a far lesser challenge.


Kite-boarders and windsurfers love the place; the long sweep of beaches and blustery winds make Beachport, on the far south-east coast of South Australia, a Nirvana for those tapping into the power of the gods.

The relatively small 875ha Beachport Conservation Park protects the strip of land between the lake and the coast, but what a wild coast it is. Small bays with flat platform reefs and rocky headlands extend the whole length of the park, making it the perfect spot for fishing, diving and snorkelling.

Plus, add in the fabulous accommodation within national parks, reserves and camping establishments, and some terrific birdwatching on the neighbouring lakes and waterways, and you have an area that can pretty well fulfil most travellers’ wants and needs.


During the 1950s, local Murray McCourt took on the mammoth task of cutting through a range to open the area to grazing. The Woakwine Cutting, 12km from Beachport, commenced in 1957 and is considered the single biggest two-man engineering feat in Australia. McCourt hired a worker to help him slice a 1km-long, 28m-deep and 36m-wide channel through the Woakwine Range with little more than a D7 dozer.

Visitors can peer directly into the cutting and inspect remnants of the machinery used from one of two platforms, with the other providing a view of the original swampland from where it drains. Lake George, just north of the town, is the recipient of much of the enriched water supply and is deeper and more permanent than many of the other shallow lakes in the region.


The Beachport Caravan Park provides grassed, powered sites that are idea for camping with a trailer. One level overlooks Rivoli Bay while another, lower-lying tier affords protection when the winds turn wild. There’s a golf course next door, for those who travel with clubs, and access to a decent brew is merely a three-minute, picturesque stroll to town.

Further afield, Long Beach in Robe offers travellers access onto the beach with ample room to set-up camp for the day. Popular with families, the surf is safe for children and still enough for those keen to catch crayfish. Camping is close by, too, at the stunning Lake Eliza, Discovery Holiday Parks, Robe, just 150m across from the beach.

The park offers grassed, powered sites and is equipped with an indoor heated pool for a decent reprieve after a day in the sun. The games room and a jumping castle caters for families during the peak, while the park’s 2.7km distance from town appeals to grey nomads during the shoulder season.


For camping in the parks, go to:

Camper trailer camping is available at Beachport Caravan Park. Visit or phone (08) 8735 8128 for more information.

For camper trailer camping at Discovery Holiday Parks, Robe, visit or phone (08) 8768 2237.

Check out the full feature in issue #88 May 2015 of Camper Trailer Australia magazine. 


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