The new Tvan MK5 remains as iconic as ever

By: John 'Bear' Willis, Photography by: John 'Bear' Willis & Alison Kuiter

19 years may have passed since the first Tvan hit the market, but Track Trailer have managed to reinvent it yet again, creating a model jam-packed with fresh ideas and world-class engineering.

Track Trailer Tvan MK5 Preview 1

Track Trailer has reached deeply into its experience as a premium camper manufacturer and coupled this with consideration for customer feedback to create the new MK5. While it may look similar to the old Tvan, it doesn’t take long to realise this model is an extraordinary leap forward in the offroad camper market.

A higher roof in a reconstructed body and 120W solar panel were the first indicators of a fresh new approach. This CAD redesigned fibreglass roof has also been manufactured to incorporate a CNC-formed foam core for lightweight strength and added insulation.

Track has also brought new magnetic technology to age-old annexe construction with the MK5 Tvan. This new tent is quicker and easier to set-up and pack-down, no longer relying on awkward bungy cords for securing to the base. Meanwhile, the new Quick Cover™ awning can be deployed in two minutes - yep, we timed it!

Track Trailer Tvan MK5 Preview 2

Another welcome perk is the large front boot is now more flexible than ever. It can be optioned to around half a dozen different configurations; perhaps with fridges either side, or maybe storage one side and a fridge the other; generator mounts or other custom shelving options, plus you can opt for dual vents and dual power.

To accompany the added 120W solar panel on the roof, plus the twin 90Ah lithium batteries fitted to our demonstration unit, Track has upgraded the electronics to include a 25A DC/DC charge from the Tanami model upwards, as you cannot mix charging rates from other sources with lithium.

While the list of new features goes on and on, it’s important to note it also comes with a five-year suspension and three-year build and body warranty for peace of mind. And the fact that the Track Tvan is designed, manufactured, sold and serviced in Australia is a big plus too.

The Track Trailer Tvan MK5 Murranji is priced at $76,900 excluding lithium and sliding glass windows and 1.8T suspension.

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