Austrack are offroad-ready with the new Savannah

By: Malcolm Street, Photography by: Malcolm Street

It’s the little things that set the Austrack Savannah apart from the crowd.

PREVIEW-Austrack -Savannah -1

With a wide variety of forward-fold campers on the market (not to mention side-fold, rear-fold, hardfloor, softfloor), it’s easy to get overwhelmed by your options when it comes to finding the camper style that best suits you.

Enter Austrack, who have gotten quite creative with their design approach, creating a rear-slide extension that allows more space for the second bed and leaves room for seating under the main roof when the bed is set up. Now that’s a nifty design feature that certainly makes a difference to the interior, especially if everything is closed up for bad weather.

PREVIEW-Austrack -Savannah -2

Setting up the tent is easy to do, either by hand or using the winch – and that includes the tropical roof which just follows over the top. Perhaps the hardest part is zipping on the 5200x4200mm awning.

Austrack have also included an ensuite privacy room at the front that comes complete with a shower, portaloo and a light, as well as a good electrical panel for controlling and monitoring the two 100Ah deep-cycle batteries and the 120W folding solar panel.

That means with a bit of power conservation, remote camping without mains or generator supply should not be a problem.

The Austrack Savannah Forward Fold Rear Slide is priced at $21,215 (on road, Qld).

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