Vehicle Components launches new on-road Cruisemaster suspension

By: John Willis, Photography by: John Willis and Vehicle Components

Vehicle Components has just released its latest suspension innovation, the Cruisemaster GT (Grand Tourer) to the market.

Adding to the popular Cruisemaster range, the GT is described as ‘The Missing Link’ because it offers the market a true independent suspension option for on-road caravans and camper trailers. GT Render
Vehicle Components recently unveiled its latest development with managing director Chris Goddard and his son and operations manager Andrew leading the charge with the new design. They "believe that within three years, 80 percent of all caravans could be fitted with independent suspension such as GT".

Vehicle Components Managing Director Chris Goddard And Son And Operations Manager Andrew Unveil The New Cruisemaster GT Suspension PIC JOHN WILLIS
The new lightweight Cruisemaster GT is an advanced trailing arm, coil independent suspension designed primarily for on-road touring vans and campers providing a realistic alternative to traditional leaf spring and rubber torsion systems at a very economical price.
"We at VC have spent plenty of time developing offroad and semi offroad suspensions, but saw a need for GT allowing on-road vans to now benefit from the same technology," Goddard said.
Cruisemaster’s new GT suspension offers up to 2000kg ATM for single-axle trailers, and up to 3100kg ATM for tandems, therefore, being suitable for use on the vast majority of RV trailers.
On the GT, VC said: "GT incorporates a totally new, unique and patented short swing arm cast in one piece using spheroidal graphite. The lighter the suspension arm the faster it can react to bumps and undulations allowing exceptional stability and control further aided by the coil springs and VC’s own specification gas filled dampeners. The smaller, lightweight components don’t need loads of suspension travel, nor the associated long springs and shockers. Having no welding in the arm itself allows closer wheel centres."
Furthermore, the simplified construction provides a stronger and more efficient suspension at a very economical price.
Vehicle Components is well known for rigorously testing its products out in the field prior to release.
"As with all VC products, an extensive Australian-based test program was developed," VC’s engineering manager Deon van Deventer said. "Due to its unique nature GT has had the most extensive product testing program in VC’s history."
State of the art computer modelling and simulation has preceded a 22,500km big lap of Australia where the new suspension was tested in real time over a wide range of conditions utilising management and data acquisition (MoTeC) systems to fully evaluating performance, reliability and versatility. The test unit was then taken to the Anglesea Australian Automotive Research Centre proving grounds for further testing and evaluation. The GT passed the Anglesea testing with flying colours. The testing completed being equivalent to 100,000km of real world use.
The simple construction also provides exceptionally small service requirements with only a single grease point per unit, plus the standard wheel bearing maintenance regime. It is very easy to fit both for new trailers and to retrofit to existing units.
Cruisemaster GT is designed, tested and manufactured in Australia. All products come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and provide a full service network throughout the country. 

– John Willis