New Complete Campsite Fraser XTE hardfloor tested

By: Camper Trailer Australia, Photography by: Matt Fehlberg

CTA reviewer Dan Everett has given Complete Campsite's upgraded Fraser XTE hardfloor camper the thumbs up.

With a new aluminium body, auto open/close feature, increased floor space and lighter weight, the Complete Campsite Fraser XTE hardfloor has had a complete overhaul.

Everett tested out the Fraser XTE on the 4WD tracks around Lake Macquarie and the Watagan Mountains in New South Wales, concluding this was a premium camper with complex attention to detail.

"Where hard floor trailers were a revolution in the way we camp the lightweight and electronically operated Fraser XTE seeks to push boundaries even further," he said.

160811_Complete C_Fraser XTE_012

CTA is no stranger to Complete Campsite's Fraser, having tested it several times before, but the upgraded model was definitely worth another look.

Retailing for $61,950, the Fraser XTE obviously sits at the high end of the camper trailer market. And, while the price may see some buyers baulk, Everett says there’s no denying the Fraser XTE represents serious value for money when you compare how much better and easy to use it is, compared to a budget offering.

"Small details like the ease of use and handy storage make it ideal for quick weekends away without all the fuss, while the insulated roof and ducted heating system make this a true four-seasons camping setup," he said.

160811_Complete C_Fraser XTE_030

Everett's favourite parts of the Fraser XTE were its low weight, auto-open/close function, huge 2500L storage capacity, interchangeable drawbar and the easy-to-clean interior. He thought the silicon under the chassis could do with being a bit neater - a very small quibble but, due to the camper's premium price and place in the market, one worth mentioning.

160811_Complete C_Fraser XTE_052

With three top scores of 10/10 in CTA's 10-point ratings scorecard, including for Quality of Finish, Fit for Intended Purpose and X-factor, it's clear the new Complete Campsite Fraser XTE is close to perfect.

Keep an eye out for Camper Trailer Australia issue 106 (on-sale September 22) for the full review of the Complete Campsite Fraser XTE.