Grandpa's enduring Bright Idea

By: Camper Trailer Australia magazine, Photography by: Matt Fehlberg

Now here’s a Bright Idea that really has stood the test of time.

Grandpa's enduring Bright Idea
Pieces of old tyre rubber tube act as springs for the rope tensioners - clever!

Hand-fashioned wooden tent pegs and rope tensioners with cut tyre tube acting as springs.

This modification was passed down the generations and was drawn to our attention when Borgy started to renovate his grandpa’s hardfloor camper which, would you believe, weighed less than 300kg Tare!

Just goes to show that camping truly is in the blood.

Perhaps you have one such DIY gem rattling at the bottom of your touring kit… New or old we don’t care; we’d love to see it in our Bright Ideas page.

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