National Campers minimises reversing woes with its new Tow-Ezi chassis

By: campertraileraustralia magazine, Photography by: National Campers

Improved ramp angle performance offroad, greater stability, a lighter chassis and less stress on the coupling are the key benefits offered in the design by boutique RV manufacturer National Campers.

National Campers minimises reversing woes with its new Tow-Ezi chassis
The wheels on the Tow-Ezi dual axle trailer follow a similar path to those on your tow vehicle.

The new design is available as a stand-alone chassis, for a car trailer or as an option on all standard and custom-designed camper trailers, caravans and horse floats by National Campers.

Taking three years to develop and centred on a dual-axle design, the Tow-Ezi chassis will see hybrid campers, toy haulers and caravans enjoy a cleaner path around corners, when reversing and on sand with the trailer’s wheels taking a similar path to those on the car.

For offroaders, the trailer’s forward-mounted axle also prevents the hitch from bottoming out on undulating ground with the reduced distance between it and the tow vehicle’s rear axle similar to that of the tow vehicle (like wheels on a train). Likewise, exit angles are improved with the proximity of the axle at the rear, reclaiming storage space on a cut-away rear.

Stress on the hitch is reduced and the weight-to-load carrying capacity of the chassis is increased with two axles sharing the load, evidenced by the 700kg prototype achieving a tested GVM at 3.4t at speeds of up to 110km/h.

The proximity of the front axle to the hitch also minimises vacuum-induced sway at the tow ball as trucks pass.