Test ride an electric bike from Velo-Electric this year and go into the draw to win a $500 voucher.

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, have come a long way since the early days of dodgy mopeds that could barely get up the driveway without a tailwind, let alone take on the Grampians, Glass House or any other scenic vista. Heavy, slow and prone to breakdown, the old clunkers have been pushed aside for powerful, fast, light, and even foldable e-bikes that deliver reliability and excellent design.

Advances in battery design, lightweight alloys and manufacturing efficiencies have also had a massive impact on the variety of e-bikes available at reasonable prices. Primarily manufactured in Taiwan and China, e-bikes are also made in the Netherlands, the UK and the US, typically serving the higher end of the market.

Often identified as electrically assisted bikes, all electric bikes with a motor rated to less than 250 Watts are treated like normal bicycles in Australia, so no licence or registration is required and normal bicycle road rules apply. Electrical assistance allows the rider to determine if and when the electric motor kicks in. Some models feature a simple twist throttle like a motorcycle others can be programmed in a variety of ways based on your personal riding style.

Recently we took a ride with Paul Shub, owner of Velo-Electric in Melbourne to test out his favourite rides.


Dahon eZee Bullet folding electric bike

The Dahon E-Zee Bullet is convenient, quick and compact. This bike provides no fuss mobility for short to mid distance. The quick and reliable folding mechanism is easy to use and brings the bike down to smaller than a suitcase in no time. At just a tad over 20kg you’re looking at a folding e-bike that won’t break your back.

With a nicely upright riding position, the Dahon E-Zee Bullet is a clear winner. Throw a couple of these in the van, and you can both whip down the shops, beach, or local without any hassles. The 200 Watt motor provides ample power when required while the throttle and controls offer smooth power delivery. The small wheels provide excellent strength and quick handling.

All up the Dahon Bullet is a fantastic little package for the space and weight conscious.  

Dahon E Zee Bullet Folding Electric Bike

Gears: Shimano 6sp Derailleur
Weight: 20kg
Wheel Size: 20in
Motor: Brushless 200W
Battery: Sony Li+36V 10Ah with BMS (upgrade available, larger batteries, longer range)
Range: 35-80km (Range is impacted by battery size and usage)
Frame: Single size
Cost: $1999
More information: Dahon eZee Bullet folding electric bike




Pedego Comfort Cruiser

The Pedego electric Comfort Cruiser range is based on the classic and iconic Californian retro beach cruisers. Stylish with outstanding performance, and a massive sense of fun, the generous tyres and saddle give unparalleled comfort. A digital readout on the handlebars gives ample live information and power control. The Cruiser bike lives up to its name allowing you to relax and enjoy the ride with brushless motor giving assistance as required.

A rigid frame design, these bikes require a bike carrier or similar on your van. But with older kids, a couple of these will give you have the perfect mix of transport for those longer park stays.

 Pedego Comfort Cruiser

Gears: Shimano 7sp Derailleur
Weight: 26kg
Wheel Size: 26"
Motor: Brushless 250W
Battery: 10 AMP Hour Lithium Ion Battery (upgrade available)
Range: 40-100kms (Range is impacted by battery size and usage)|
Frame: Men’s and women’s, various colours available
Cost: $2475
More information: Pedego Comfort Cruiser




Gazelle Orange Plus X2 Innergy Bike

The Gazelle lives up to its European heritage with clean lines and premium components. Gazelle has designed the Orange Plus so that you do not see that it is a bike with electric power. The battery is discretely located under the luggage carrier and the engine is subtly located in the front hub.

The top model from the Gazelle line, the Orange Plus X2 uses on the best part s and components. The bike is said to handle better than most bikes on the market with the power assistance on or off. The integration of the electric motor is seamless when riding which makes you feel like going all day.

The seat and suspension give great comfort and the quick and tool less adjustable handlebars add flexibility and increased ease. The package from Gazelle is both stylish and practical, as you would expect from European engineering and design.


Gazelle Orange Plus X2 Innergy Bike

Gears: Shimano 7sp Hub Gears
Weight: 25kg
Wheel Size: 26"
Motor: Brushless 250W
Battery: German made Silver 9Amp Lithium-Ion (upgrade available)
Range: 35-100kms (Range is impacted by battery size and usage)
Frame: Men’s and Women’s 5 sizes (Step-through); 3 sizes (Men’s)
Cost: $3299
More information: Gazelle Orange Plus X2 Innergy Bike




If you want to learn more about e-bikes and fancy taking a test ride, we’re offering you the chance to win. Simply book and complete a test ride at Velo-Electric’s showroom before Dec 31, 2013, and you’ll go into the draw to win a $500 voucher towards an e-bike of your own. Winner will be drawn on January 5, 2014.


Velo Electric & Folding (03) 8488 8929
753 Nicholson Street, North Carlton, VIC, 3054

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