Hard floor camper trailers

Find out if hard floor camper trailers would suit your travelling needs with our buyers' guide and search for used and new models for sale.

Hard floor, soft floor, off road... There are many camper types and trailer options to get your head around these days that buying a camper trailer can be very confusing. In this feature we outline all you need to know about hard floor campers to help you make an informed decision when you are ready to buy.

Setting up the hard floor camper trailer 

What is a hard floor camper trailer?

Hardfloors are a common type of camper trailer. Hard floor campers are quick to set up and pack up, making them an ideal choice if you are moving camp regularly. However hard floor camper trailers are much heavier than their soft floor counterparts. Notably there are advantages and disadvantages for choosing a hard floor camper trailer and it is important to research your intended purchase thoroughly to ensure the camper trailer fits your camping needs. To help you get started why not check out our comparison guide: hard floor vs soft floor camper trailers

Hard Floor camper trailer

Hard floor camper trailers for sale

Looking for a hard floor camper trailer? Whether you are buying your first trailer or ready to upgrade your current model, Tradervs.com.au lists plenty of new and used hard floor campers.

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Hard Floor camper trailer

Hard floor camper trailer specifications

If you are in the market for a new hard floor camper trailer, Newrvsearch.com.au lists the latest specifications for hard floor camper trailer models. Find specs and compare other hard floor or soft floor camper trailer models.

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Hardfloor Aussie Swag camper trailer

Hard floor camper redesign

Shane Adams wanted to enter the camper trailer scene. He was after a hard-floor camper trailer from a good brand. He purchased an old Aussie Swag camper on eBay and did it up for less than the cost of a new hardfloor camper trailer.

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