Tasty Tucker

Honest to goodness Jaffles with Aussie side-salad


Did you know that the jaffle iron, that Aussie household staple, was invented by a Bondi bloke back in 1949? I thought it was older than that – looks like we've learnt something new for today. There's a reason the jaffle is a staple of Australian camping. It's hot, it's tasty, and it cleverly seals all that filling inside, so you don't have a mess on your hands.

To make this outback classic, you're going to need a jaffle iron. Traditionalists will go for cast iron, but it's possible to get non-stick electric versions these days, for when you're without a campfire.

Cook time

10 minutes


As many as you can eat


  • 2 slices of stock-standard square sandwich bread (this is the one time when artisan sourdough is the wrong choice)
  • filling of choice (see below for suggestions)


Open your jaffle iron. Place a slice of bread onto the bottom plate. Place or spread your filling onto the slice, avoiding the edges. Be careful not to over-fill your jaffle – a single jaffle can usually carry about two tablespoons of filling. Put the second slice of bread on top, swing the jaffle iron closed and lock it in place. If you're using a cast iron version, place it on the hot coals in your campfire. If it's electric, turn it on. It's done when the bread is dark brown on the outside – open it up and take a peek to check after a couple of minutes.


You can fill a jaffle with anything that takes your fancy. My personal favourite is the tinned spaghetti and egg jaffle – crack the egg onto the slice of bread without breaking it, spoon on some spaghetti, add a bit of cheese and close it all up. The egg will cook inside. Other inspiring suggestions from the Camper team: smores jaffles (marshmallow and nutella); baked beans, ham and cheese jaffles; apple pie jaffles (cooked apples, cinnamon and sultanas); plain-old peanut butter jaffles, sliced banana and honey jaffles; the italian jaffle (fresh tomato, basil pesto and mozzarella).


Side salad—Aussie bushtucker samphire and smoked trout salad


  • Smoked trout
  • 300 grams steamed samphire
  • 4 boiled egg
  • Any other green salad leaf
  • Very light aioli-style dressing
  • Salt and pepper


  • Boil and peel eggs
  • Steam samphire (just steam as you would any other green vegetable)
  • Break apart smoked trout and place flaked pieces in bowl
  • Scatter steamed samphire over trout
  • Add green salad leaves of choice
  • Quarter eggs and place on trout and samphire
  • Drizzle aioli sparingly over salad
  • Season to taste