Insuring your camper

By: Peter Quilty, Photography by: Supplied

In the fifth instalment of a six-part series, we unravel the how/where/why/who of insuring your financed camper trailer or RV.

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Have you just purchased a brand new camper or recreational vehicle that needs insurance? Do you have an existing insurance policy soon due for renewal?

The main thing to remember when shopping around for a policy is that not all policies are the same. If you’re involved in an accident or your camper and/or the contents are stolen, the type of policy you purchase is far more important than whether or not you save $100 per year on the premium. With that in mind, here are some features and benefits (recommended by OneSure Insurance Services) to look for in a policy:

  • Does it cover for replacement value in the first two years of original registration?
  • Is it an agreed value policy?
  • What automatic contents cover is available?
  • Does the policy cover emergency repairs?
  • Does it provide temporary accommodation following an accident?
  • Lay-up premium discounts
  • Cover for hail and flood damage
  • Cost to return your camper to your home
  • Fusion of electric motors
  • Cover for flyovers

OneSure Insurance Services (owned in Australia by Credit One) is an insurance broking group that can provide you with the right cover at the right price for you camper or recreational vehicle. Its experienced team of brokers can assist you with any enquiries that you may have relating to the policy.

Credit One has built strong relationships with Australia’s leading financiers and insurers, and compare options from its panel of lenders and provide an overall cost effective finance solution - not just a good looking payment. So why not finance your next camper purchase with Credit One.

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Credit One can also assist arranging camper insurance via its panel of insurance providers. Camping is more than just a type of holiday, it's a way of life for many that allows you to travel across the length and breadth of Australia without losing the comforts of home. Campers today are a vast improvement from those of the past, now with all the amenities that you will ever need — a home away from home. It's an investment well worth protecting and OneSure provides comprehensive cover for your camper and its contents.

Here are some of the benefits of OneSure's offering, which can provide cover for your camper anywhere in Australia against:

  • Storm, hail and flood
  • Accidental and malicious damage
  • Theft and attempted theft
  • Fire and explosion
  • Electrical motor burnout

At no extra cost, you are also covered for:

  • A new replacement camper if it is a total loss within two years of registration of the camper.
  • Alternative accommodation expenses up to $150 a day if your camper is not fit to live in, following an accident or a loss.
  • Automatic contents cover of up to $1000.
  • Authorised emergency repairs if your camper cannot be towed after an accident.
  • Reasonable costs to collect and deliver your camper back to you following accident repairs, if the repairer is more than 100km from your home.
  • Removal and storage of your camper after an accident if it cannot be towed.
  • $20 million camper legal liability and $20 million personal liability. OneSure's underwriters can also insure campers permanently on-site.
  • Choice of a higher excess to reduce your premium.

Seeking out the right advice is your best bet to securing the right policy for your specific needs.

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If, for instance, you’re someone who likes to push the envelope when it comes to offroad touring, you’re probably going to find yourself in different policy selection crosshairs to someone who is satisfied with parking at a secure and feature-laden campsite.

A conversation with a reputable broker will go most of the way to demystifying the right policy for your particular requirements.

The brokers at OneSure Insurance Services are well placed to readily understand individual camping habits and preferences and formulate an accurate policy without duress.

Some of the benefits provided under their camper insurance:

  • Accidental loss or damage
  • Replacement value in the first two years of original registration
  • Agreed value policy
  • Automatic contents cover
  • Cover for emergency repairs
  • Cover for temporary accommodation following an accident
  • Lay-up premium discounts
  • Cover for hail and flood damage
  • Cost to return your camper to your home
  • Fusion of electric motors
  • Cover for flyovers

In the final instalment on camper finance topics, we’ll cover the following:

Ready to buy: Getting your finance pre-approved before you hit the shows for the best deal!

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