Top kid-friendly camping apps

By: David Cook, Photography by: CAMPER crew

Games for kids during inclement weather or on a long road trip can be a big help in maintaining your sanity - so why not download these kid-friendly apps for the next big adventure?

Top Kid Friendly Apps


Crazy Road Trip - Messy Family Day Camping

The Browns want you to join them on their crazy camping trip. Help the Browns as they encounter unexpected surprises; injured puppies, broken cars and friendly police. Enjoy crazy puzzles and play fun hidden objects games at the campground. Make your own driver's licence, help the Browns pack for their trip, treat Rex the dog with fun tools, feed the Brown kids snacks, listen to fun music in the car, fix and fuel the car, mix your own unique tea flavour, make a bonfire and roast marshmallows, help campers find lost objects, clean up the messy campground, fun colouring pages for advanced campers, take a picture with the Browns to remember your crazy trip!

Cost: Free

Rated: 6/10 stars


Family Going To Camping

Princess is going on a camping trip with her family and the girls have to help her and her family prepare. She has chores to do and lots of preparations so you must pay attention to her needs and listen to what she asks.

Cost: Free

Rated: 8/10 stars


Crazy Camping Day

In this fun and fast paced game, each destination gives your family a new challenge and it’s up to you to guide them. Follow the map as you clean and wash the car and play the mechanic all at once. Fuel and repair the car, give the kids and the parents a makeover for the memorable group photo before sunset. Unlock extra mini games and stages.

Cost: Free

Rated: 8/10 stars


Jigsaw Puzzle

Choose from 4 to 400 pieces on tablets or up to 100 pieces on phones. Move loose pieces to the margins and zoom in and out to focus on one area. Assemble pieces into groups, then move and connect the groups. Jigsaw Puzzle saves your works in progress so you can return and work on them later. If you want a greater challenge, turn on Piece Rotation. For the truly ambitious, there are also Tournament and Patterns packs. You can even make puzzles from your own photos. Share completed puzzles with friends and family on Facebook.

Cost: Free

Rated: 8/10 stars


Sweet Baby Girl Summer Camp

Play games for girls in your dream summer camp with Sweet Baby Girl and her friends. Mix and match girly clothes and dress up for the summer holidays. Get creative with summer hairstyles: wash, brush, cut and style hair. Clean up and decorate Girl's camper and go kayaking with your friends. Make fresh fruit lemonade and roast marshmallows over a campfire. Collect cute summer camp trophies and shiny diamonds. This app is free to play but there are certain in-game items that may be purchased.

Cost: Free / $5.99

Rated: 8/10 stars



Puzzli is a free puzzle game in which you arrange randomized tiles to see a completed photo and discover a fun fact about it. Puzzli takes you on a journey around the world, to the nature and people of many nations and famous cities. Explore thousands of famous landmarks and landscapes. Suitable for the little ones, too. Join the fun while learning about animals, sports, history, science, space exploration and many other exciting subjects. Over 3000 puzzles in more than 300 different episodes. Interesting, fun facts about the photographed objects when you solve each puzzle. New free puzzles and episodes constantly updated. Play offline. Full screen puzzles to fit your screen, whether phone or tablet.

Cost: Free

Rated: 8/10 stars

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