Top 5 Toughest Offroad Campers of 2015

By: Camper Trailer Australia, Photography by: Nathan Jacobs and Matt Fehlberg

Want to head way off the beaten track and need a tough offroad camper to help you get there? We show you five of the best from 2015.

We've assembled some of the best offroad campers from 2015 and put them through their paces to show you exactly what they're made of.

When it comes to hitting the tracks, not all campers are equal. Those in the list below won their categories in CTA's most recent Camper Trailer of the Year competition, held in Victoria's High Country in 2015.

In 2014, we brought you the 12 Toughest Offroad Camper Trailers in Australia at the time. Now, we bring you the best of the best from 2015. 



MDC has built the Venturer LT (Cape York Edition) to be a totally self-sufficient, go-anywhere camper, jam-packed with just about every gizmo and gadget you could think of but, more amazingly, they’ve got it on the market and available to the average Joe for the astonishingly low price of $19,990.

There are a lot of inclusions like a boat rack, solar panel and gas hot water, all riding on a good, strong base.

At 1340kg Tare, it might be a bit heavy in the bush, so it will decent horsepower in front of it, but all the goods will get you there safely and self-sustained.

It's as solid as a rock with good quality welding, chassis and a track-proven design. With full trailing arm independent suspension, twin shock absorbers, 12in electric offroad brakes and mud-terrain tyres, it'll follow you anywhere.

Read the full review, see the video test and check out the specs.


Patriot -X1

If you love your offroad travel and want something that's tough, well thought out, and well quipped with quality components, then quit looking - here's your camper.

Patriot's Jusin Montesalvo just doesn't know when to stop! The Patriot X1 rated high in terms of bushability with a tropical roof, Howling Moon canvas, Vehicle Components independent airbag suspension, widened track width, lowered centre of gravity, 30A BMS,vacuum seals - and the list goes on!

At only 840kg Tare, 1200kg ATM and only 1.7m wide and 3.2m long, it's very manoeuvrable out on the tracks.

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Mountan -Trail -EDX

We've seen some amazing camper trailers, but the Mountain Trail EDX would have to be one of the best all-rounders. It's strong, easy to use and incredibly well built. 

It's proudly Aussie made to a brilliant finish and is super capable offroad at less than 5m long. Elegant and aggressive, the EDX has been designed for convenience and strength.

Read the full review, see the video test and check out the specs.



The Quantum Series IV is impressive from all angles. It oozes quality and strength, and tows flawlessly aroound steep hills and gullies, easily fording rivers and squeezing through weeds and grass.

It's a lot to tow around at 1720kg Tare and 2000kg ATM, but this camper/caravan hybrid is super capable with a larger 4WD in front of it. Bushability is huge, despite its size.

It's warranted against dust ingress, has good relief angles and a strong chassis.

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Pioneer -Onyx

The Pioneer Onyx is as tough as guts and ready to tackle practically anything offroad - and it's proven.

It has great weights (1050kg Tare), strength, departure angle, brakes and a full-length chassis - all finished to a high standard.

It's been specifically built for those who want to tackle those big iconic tracks which are up there with the most demanding in the world.

You could say the Onyx is over-engineered with its solid 51mm stub axle, the use of 3t inner bearings and 2t outer bearings, but you won't be sorry it has them!

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