The XCD Fridge

Keep your cool in the Far North with this new three-way fridge for the tropics.

The XCD Fridge
Aussie Traveller 180L Fridge

Bridging the gap that has long divided two-way and three-way refrigerator enthusiasts; Aussie Traveller’s new Australian-made XCD caravan and motorhome fridge offers exceptional cooling power with the functionality of an absorption fridge to accommodate Aussie explorers in the harshest of summers.

Three-way fridges can been great for powering up by battery, electricity and gas, but can often compromise on their ability to keep milk and beer at a suitably chilled temperature for travellers dealing with the northern Australian climates.

However, the XCD fridge comes in both a 90L and 180L capacity, with the fridge temperatures capable of achieving temperatures of 2-3 degrees celsius, and the freezers -15 to -18 degrees celsius, making sure the beer and wine are frosty cold! It also offers an Energy Selection option so that it chooses the best power supply available, or can be set manually to control power consumption.

Since studies show that 90 per cent of caravanning and camping trips occur in regional areas, a three-way fridge could solve potential power supply issues, as it is extremely efficient on 13g/hr propane gas and can stay cold for up to three weeks on a single 9kg gas bottle.


RRP: 90L XCD, $1,058 and 180L LXCD, $1,838 (excluding GST)

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