RhinoMax Outback Warrior RX: Video review

By: DAVID COOK, Photography by: DAVID COOK

The latest iteration of RhinoMax’s rear fold hardfloor Outback Warrior RX camper trailer is a sample of quality engineering at a value for money price.

RhinoMax Off Road Campers is a business that hasn’t been around too long, starting just three years ago, but with a background in aerospace engineering, business management and a deep love of camping, the two proprietors have begun producing campers that deserve a reputation for quality well beyond their home turf in QLD.

The latest version of the Warrior RX has moved on quite a way from that which was reviewed in the 2013, with a number of refinements that make it even better as a camper and better value for the customer.


At the asking price of $36,950 as we saw it, the RhinoMax Warrior is out there in value for money in a competitive market. Most of the few shortcomings that we could see – interior light, 12V outlets - are easily and cheaply fixed, and the quality of workmanship is really very good. Maybe you’d like a hot dip galvanised chassis, but RhinoMax has gone with a construction method that doesn’t work with that process and provides a number of benefits that might not be available with alternatives. As with everything with campers, there are compromises, but I for one think the RhinoMax Outback Warrior RX has a heck of a lot going for it. Good job.


  • The general engineering and finish
  • The care with the canvas work, including both sides being zipped
  • The kitchen layout
  • The value for money
  • Great on-board storage


  • More thought to the stone guard
  • An/some external 12V outlet(s)
  • The capacity to leave the awning always attached
  • A larger pantry drawer for more food items

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