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Camper Trailer of the Year is Camper Trailer Australia magazine’s annual showcase event, putting the best campers in Australia side-by-side and head-to-head every year to find out which camper comes out on top across a range of categories.

This year marks the eighth running of Camper Trailer of the Year and, over the years, we have visited supreme offroad and iconic locations such as Nundooka, near Broken Hill, and Dargo, in the Victorian High Country.

Camper Trailer of the Year is Australia’s largest camper competition and is highly regarded in the industry and among camper buyers. We assemble the best campers on the market today and put them through their paces, testing and rating each van against others in its price category.

The judges take their time going over each van, combing them for imperfections and illogical layouts. But we can’t score the campers without first laying some ground rules and comparing campers, regardless of how similar their price point, can be like comparing bananas with kiwi fruit. Our 10-point scoresheet aimed to ensure a level playing field across the board.



Judging campers can sometimes be like comparing apples and oranges, with different rigs aimed at different markets. This point allowed judges to assess how well each camper suited its stated market.


New features and options were highly regarded at Camper Trailer of the Year.


How long would the camper sustain you in the bush? Things like water and power capacity were important here.


The quality of fittings, the welds and canvas can mean the difference between a good camper and an exceptional camper.


The structural integrity, engineering quality and durability of the camper’s components, including canvas, were assessed here.


How well the camper performed off the beaten path was an important factor; after all, isn’t getting off the bitumen what camping is all about?


The added extras that make your time in the bush more comfortable were judged here, including the kitchen, bedding arrangements, electronics, hot water and so on.


Was the camper quick to set up and easy to use once erected? Campers with efficient layouts and speedy set up times rated highly here.


Did this camper live up to its promise, and did it give buyers what they were paying for?


The hardest point to articulate, here, the judges decided if the camper just had that certain something.


Each year, the CTOTY judges are drawn from a panel of Australia’s most experienced camper reviewers, journalists, tech experts and tow-pros.


As the field editor of Camper Trailer Australia, Borgy has lived and breathed the camping lifestyle for decades. In a previous life, he earned a quid spinning spanners, which comes in handy out on the tracks. When he’s not working on Toot the Troop Carrier or his modified 80 Series Uncle Grump, Borgy’s feeding all his bait to the fish in bush streams or cooking up a storm in his camp oven.


Cookie has been a keen camper for many years, undertaking a number of outback trips as well as more frequent local journeys from his home in Sydney each year. A qualified geologist, Cookie really knows how to read a track. He has combined an established career in magazine journalism and photography to become a regular contributor to Camper Trailer Australia.


With a history in trailer manufacturing and boat building, Bear knows a few things about engineering and isn’t afraid to call it as he sees it. A returning judge for Camper Trailer of the Year, Bear is fond of creature comforts, and has little patience for poor design and intricate assembly procedures. Bear’s happiest when dangling a line in a mountain stream.


Stupot is a CTOTY institution who has been a judge at every event since its first running six years ago. Getting about in a Nissan Patrol, Stupot is a High Country fanatic who lives and breathes 4WDing and camping, but his day job is as circulation manager at Bauer Trader Media, the publisher of Camper Trailer Australia.

Camper Trailer Of The Year 2017

Camper Trailer of the Year 2017

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