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Understanding battery chargers: Essential tips for campers

All the gadgets in the world won’t make your journey better if your batteries aren’t charged up and ready to go.

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Camper installs and reviews the BMPRO ProBoost DC-DC 12V charger

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Double Up with a Lithium Dual Battery Install

Having a dual battery in your car lets you run a fridge and all manner of other electrical accessories. Steve Cassano talks you through the installation of a lithium auxiliary battery and a REDARC 1225D BCDC charger.

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REDARC BCDC1225D Battery Charger Review

Discover Camper’s take on the popular REDARC BCDC1225D battery charger, following our journey along the Great Australian Bight.

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Upping Your Off-grid Power

It’s been recommended a million times before: when exploring off-grid, run an auxiliary battery with a DCDC charger and a few power outlets. But is this enough?

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Tips for driving on slopes, inclines and angles

If you’re four-wheel driving in Australia slopes, angles and inclines come with the territory. But learning to navigate them needn’t be a steep learning curve if you follow these helpful tips.

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Essential safety gear equipment for remote travel

Make sure your next adventure into Australia’s remote landscapes is as safe as can be with this essential gear checklist.

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