2018 CTOTY: Austrack Savannah X Review

John 'Bear' Willis — 31 January 2018

If you were as wowed by the Austrack Telegraph X as we were at last year’s Camper Trailer of the Year competition, then you’ ll just love the additional space provided by the new Savannah X. Austrack’s premium presentation places them as one of the leaders in the forward fold category. The Savannah X has all of the bells, whistles and accessories that impressed us last year, but this time with an innovative rear slide for even greater facility.

I can’t believe the amount being offered for the price; and it’s not a compilation of cheap accessories – this is a seriously high quality package. The Savannah X really is a home away from home with a huge host of extras that will make your next holiday a hit.

I must admit that I was quite frustrated by some of the early forward fold campers with the amount of time and effort required to assemble all of the knick-knacks. Yet as is always the case, time has allowed the smart operators to evolve to overcome such problems. The Austrack Savannah X has a really convenient slide, almost like a big drawer that rolls out behind the hinged, gas strut assisted tailgate that houses twin spare wheels plus the trailer lighting. The sliding tracks glide smoothly, extending the internal length enormously. Inside, the tent folds out to tension up quite easily with minimal adjustment so you can assemble the camper for an easy overnighter in a reasonable amount of time and effort at the end of a long day on the road.


Austrack utilise a 100x50x3mm box section galvanised chassis peaking at the front with a 120x50x4mm A-frame drawbar. It is a very sturdy construction with great ground clearance created from the 16in alloy wheels, 6 stud hubs, heavy duty bearings and all-terrain or mud tyres, plus independent trailing arm suspension with twin gas struts and coil springs. You will stop on command with 12in electric brakes and a mechanical hand brake out in front, plus the 50A Anderson plug. The swing arm is retained by chains just in case you were to end up over centre in a diabolical offroad manoeuvre. 

Out front we find the popular McHitch, a strong offroad coupling that has gained strong support in the camper trailer community, plus another popular newcomer in the Ark XO heavy duty dual jockey wheel. Immediately in front of the tub are mounting brackets for twin jerry cans, plus two gas bottle holders that are adjustable from four to nine kilos each. The gas bottles are connected with a dual hose regulator and the entire area is protected behind an aluminium checkerplate stone guard.

The undersides feature twin recovery points, wind down stabilisers and twin stainless steel water tanks, the rear 120L with 12V pump plumbed to the kitchen, and a further 50L stainless steel tank with pump plumbed to the drawbar to service the ensuite. Both are fully protected by alloy checkerplate shrouds and very neatly plumbed, however I would prefer to see a solid outlet replacing the flexible hose at the rear where logs have a habit of grabbing your attention.


The Zincanneal steel tub is superbly finished on all external surfaces with a beautiful baked enamel finish with polished stainless steel trim that enhances the metallic bronze colour scheme that spells C-L-A-S-S. It not only looks great but it feels smooth and solid with neat folded edges and secure hatches, seals and locks. As we open the swing down doorway, out pops a cantilevered staircase. Immediately to the left is the pantry and pole carrier with two large sliding drawers for your pots, pans and non-perishables. In a separate compartment we find a 75L Evakool dual zone, double lid fridge/freezer set on quality slides and fully ventilated. The Evakool is part of the package price for the Savannah X increasing the value package even further.

To the rear of the “living” side of the unit, the pull out stainless steel kitchen is a ripper. It features three utility draws, electric pump tap, a large stainless steel sink, three-burner Smev stove, plus a foldaway shelving unit, quick connect fittings, pull out bench extension and stabiliser legs. It is worth noting the gas system is completely plumbed from the bottles to the kitchen, with dual bottle change-over valve and AGA gas certification certificate.

Around to the driver’s side of the tub we find a ripper three stage fold-over boat rack that is capable of loads up to 150kg and tilts all the way to ground for easy loading/unloading. The Austrack boys sensibly pointed out that it makes a great clothes line when the water toys are in use as well. Then there’s twin lockable water fillers, and in front of the axle is the electrical control centre complete with dual water tank level indicators, digital voltmeter, ammeter and battery management system, isolator, main switches with fuses and even an instruction sticker to fully explain the charging criteria. I was pleased to see an added Anderson plug inlet for the 160W solar panel, plus there’s a 240V input and a 20A battery charger. The next compartment reflects the pantry on the other side, however there is only a single drawer to cater for higher objects plus the pole compartment, accessible from both sides. Finally we find a cavernous storage compartment up front that is large enough to carry the porta-potti (standard), or perhaps the generator and plenty of other accessories. It even has a fire extinguisher as standard – see what I mean about sensible packaging?


Austrack have created a huge footprint of comfortable living space with the Savannah X. The main tent is 5200x1900x1600mm plus an additional 5200x2400mm in the detachable awning that comes complete with side walls, PVC floor and draft skirts. There will be no complaints about the high quality 16oz canvas all around including the walls. A slightly lighter weight safari roof pops up instantly as the tent folds out. All of the main tent walls have inner and outer awnings with quality zips and midge mesh screens, and the “living” side of the tent opens right up for open plan living. I call it the donut shop window.

As we take the two steps up to the living area we find the main queen bed to the left complete with its canvas privacy screen and high density foam mattress. In the centre is the convertible dining area that seats six people on comfortable upholstered cushions that can also be set up as a double bed with the drop down portable table. Under the seats we find twin 100A AGM batteries and the interior is well serviced with USB and 12V power options. The large area created by the rear slide allows the opportunity for another double bed at the rear, or perhaps you would prefer a queen by dropping the hinged rear seat. All of the finishes are neat and tidy with more storage available under the seats. Austrack has also provided plenty of low energy lighting and charging options all around the Savannah X with strip lighting inside on individual switches.

The annexe is an absolute ripper that really makes this large living space complete. It extends all the way to the back of the rear slide so the kitchen area is very well protected. You can add the detachable side walls, floor and draft skirt as you desire. However one of the sides includes a huge ensuite for the porta-potti and portable Country Comfort gas hot water service supplying a nice hot shower at the end of a long day’s excitement. Yet again I emphasise that this is all included in the package price. I really liked the plastic windows in the annexe as well and I loved the idea that you could roll the internal awnings up halfway to get plenty of natural light and privacy at the same time. 


I have to admit that we never really had the opportunity to scale a cliff, run through a quagmire or rattle down 10,000km of corrugations, however it sat like it was on rails on the bitumen, scrambled over inundations with ease, toddled through some creek crossings and climbed over a rocky ramp without a problem. Its Tare weight including the tent is a reasonable 1440kg with 120kg ball weight and an ATM of 2000kg. Once the water tanks are full you still have some payload opportunity. However should you load the boat rack it will reduce considerably. Yet the package is so complete you only need load some clothes, food and fishing rods and off you go.


Austrack boasts that many trailers offering far less than the Savannah X retail for well over $30,000 and I must agree with them – their retail price is only $23,990. 

This is a trailer for families. Two people travelling don’t need the added slide out or that much living space, and should perhaps consider the Austrack Telegraph X that stole our hearts at last year’s Camper Trailer Of The Year. However if travelling to your Utopian offroad destination and putting up camp for a week or two is your purpose, then the Savannah X gives you every conceivable facility including water and power generation ability, plus the huge “living” area that makes a house a home.

Yes, I forgot to mention that it comes complete with a TV/DVD/MP3 and all that stuff – I suppose it’s good for the kids, big and small. Give me a campfire, the moon and the stars please. 



  • Huge “living” footprint
  • Premium presentation, manufacturing and accessories
  • Easy rear slide and 16oz tent and annexe
  • Power and water
  • Boat rack
  • Well assembled package at a great price


  • Watch out on loading capacity
  • Solid plumb the water outlet
  • Leave the TV at home!



Tare 1440kg

ATM 2000kg

Suspension Independent trailing arm suspension with twin gas struts and coil springs

Brakes 12in electric

Coupling McHitch

Chassis 100x50x3mm box section galvanised chassis 

Drawbar 120x50x4mm box section galvanised A-frame 

Body 1.6mm Zincanneal with baked enamel paint with stainless steel trim and fittings

Wheel/tyre 16in All Terrain or MT

Style Alloy mag wheels 6 stud hubs


Box size 1800x1200mm (fridge slide and pantry area)

Length 5200mm (hitch to tail lights)

Tent size1800x6000mm plus annexe of 2400x6000mm


Gas cylinders 2x4-9kg holders only

Water 120L stainless steel underfloor water tank with aluminium tank guard and 12V pump plumbed to kitchen. 50L stainless steel underfloor water tank with aluminium tank guard and 12v pump plumbed to cold water shower system

Cooktop Smev three-burner stove

Kitchen Stainless steel slide-out with draws, electric pump, tap, large sink 

Battery 2x100A hour deep cycle batteries with 12V accessory and USB sockets.



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