Ezytrail Lincoln LX Review

Peter Quilty — 11 May 2016

Ezytrail, which has an Australia-wide dealer network, differs from local manufacturers that import ‘off-the-shelf’ camper trailers from overseas. Ezytrail works in conjunction with its Chinese supplier, Compaks, in custom designing campers to suit its own specifications. To that end, Ezytrail’s head engineer recently spent six weeks in China implementing design changes.

The campers arrive from overseas in containers before heading for fabrication and modification at Ezytrail’s Kilsyth, Vic, Canning Vale, WA, or Lansvale, NSW, headquarters. Ezytrail has been granted a 12-month probationary membership of CIA Victoria, on the basis that its product is assembled in Victoria at its Kilsyth facility.


The design, functionality and quality of Ezytrail’s all-new Lincoln LX highlights more recent camper trailer improvements and developments in the Chinese manufacturing sector, plus the omnipresent R&D expertise of their Australian counterparts.  

The Lincoln LX is powered up by two 100Ah deep-cycle AGM batteries, and water supply for washing up or even showers isn’t an issue. Two stainless steel water tanks, with 2mm-thick checkerplate guards and featuring twin electric pumps, hold a huge combined 210L of water – front (50L) and rear (160L). Obviously, both arrangements are ideal for extended stays off the bitumen. But I also would have liked to have seen some hot water and solar capacity included as standard. Both can be added as optional extras (hot water $499 and 160W solar $599).

Designed by Ezytrail, the massive front utility box (2100x1200x600mm), between the metal stoneguards surface-coated with anti-chip deadener, can carry up to four 20L jerry cans. Gas storage is unique, in that you get two sets of brackets (holders), one pair to suit 4.5kg cylinders and one pair to suit 9kg cylinders.

Opening and closing the Lincoln LX is via a gas-strut assisted lift-and-pull approach, thus saving time in setting up and packing up. It’s as simple as flipping the silver checkerplate lids over and extending the internal bows. An all-new lightweight alloy pole construction, with quick-lock pole clamps, also makes for a quick and easy set up.


Stepping inside the Lincoln LX is almost like walking into a five-star hotel room. For starters, there are two double-size beds (2000x1320mm), with innerspring mattresses, and a cosy lounge area.

In fact, the buckskin-coloured leather-look lounge is capable of seating nine people and can be converted into a double bed, meaning the Lincoln LX is a genuine six-berth camper. It also comprises toilet storage underneath, two internal speakers (there are two external speakers on the door-side) and generous storage space either side under the seats.

All internal drawer slides and fascia panels in the main lounge area are finished in high quality timber laminate. But you have to step over the lounge to reach the rear bed – a walkway or some type of easier access would be more convenient.

On the offside of the front bed is a multimedia player, 17in LCD screen (which can be viewed from any area of the camper) and a battery monitoring display (volts/amps). There also are wall pockets either side, and strip lighting in the ceiling and above the bed heads.

All windows are sizeable and meshed, and complement the open living space. The camper’s tent offers four all-new skylight-style PVC panels inside that welcome sunlight during the day and starry, starry nights. Two are centrally located, with one at the front and another at the rear, and the camper also has internal canvas flaps if the weather turns sour.


New to the model line-up is Ezytrail’s trendsetting, alfresco-style main tent opening that brings the outdoors indoors and creates the feeling of space – simply brilliant during those warm summer evenings. And all screens and doors are finished with high strength fibreglass midge-proof mesh.

Erecting the annexe is a difficult task for the vertically challenged (you definitely need a step or two). Intrinsically, it’s a two-person operation. Some campers love a convoluted setup but, for me, time is usually of the essence.


This versatile camper boasts a plush living room and a bedroom at each end, complemented by oodles of space, a huge lounge and six sleeping berths.

And then there’s the genuine offroad cred led by a strong chassis and suspension, and excellent ground clearance (280mm). It’s sure to take you off the beaten track in style, and with the confidence to get where you want to go.



  • Sleeps six in main tent
  • Large lounge
  • Well-ventilated interior
  • Water-carrying capacity


  • Access to rear bed is difficult
  • Weight and width of camper
  • Height of awning makes it difficult to erect

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