BMPRO launches new range of off-grid systems

Editorial Team — 24 May 2023
Empowering off-grid adventures with BMPRO's new high-powered systems

BMPRO, the Australian-based RV power management experts, has announced the launch of a new range of high-powered off-grid systems over the next 12 months. These systems are engineered to provide customers with reliable and efficient off-grid power solutions, including battery management and charging solutions.

BMPRO’s High-Powered Off-Grid systems are designed to equip customers for the modern off-grid adventure. The systems come with higher amp charging solutions that allow customers to go off-grid further and for longer while bringing their home comforts with them. With an optimised cost-to-power ratio, BMPRO’s systems deliver all the power customers want without an excessive price tag.

Customers will also benefit from the ability to upgrade and customise their systems as their needs change. BMPRO’s products are Australian designed, engineered and made, taking into account the unique conditions of the Australian climate.

To make battery management easier for customers, BMPRO provides a complimentary smart app that is user-friendly and intuitive.

The first product in the range to be launched, the Off-Grid50 utilises the highly reliable BMPRO battery charger with the new ProBoost, all brought together to provide a high amp charging solution perfect for off-grid.

Customers can also take advantage of BMPRO’s customer support. The company’s product specialist team is always on hand to assist customers on their journey. With market-leading innovation, BMPRO continues to be at the forefront of RV power management.

“BMPRO’s new range of high-powered off-grid systems reflects our commitment to providing reliable and efficient off-grid power solutions,” said Louise Bayliss, BMPRO CEO. “Our customers can trust that BMPRO’s products are designed, engineered, and made to the highest standards, and our customer support team is always available to assist them on their off-grid adventures.”

For more information about BMPRO’s new range of high-powered off-grid systems, visit the BMPRO website.


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