2018 CTOTY: Patriot X2 Grand Tourer

Emma Ryan, Dan Everett, David Cook, John ' Bear' Willis — 7 February 2018


As always with Patriot, our judges were keen to see what the legends would bring to the CTOTY table, and as anticipated, the crew didn't disappoint. The Patriot X2 Grand Tourer is a camper for campers – a real quality wagon that's designed for easy living and tough offroading. Its versatility was a key factor too, with features that make this a camper to suit a whole range of needs. Crawling over and under it, the judges were impressed by its “back to basics” design philosophy, which also included enough sensible features that are sure to come in handy everyday you're away.


David Cook

With a direct genetic line back to the successful Patriot X1, the X2 could not help but be a quality piece of gear. Many components are identical and it’s easy to see the same standards of workmanship in design and execution have been carried over. That Patriot chose the X2 as their main entry card to the US market speaks volumes for their confidence in it.

The X2’s design brief was to return to a more basic camping style at a more affordable price, and that’s what you get. This was what business founders Justin and Sarah Montesalvo set out to design when they built their first camper. The clever use of a Rhino Rack platform as a top deck allows the user to adapt the camper to whatever use seems most appropriate.

You have a choice of the type of tent you might want on top; or for canoe or kayak carriage with a couple of swags thrown in the back of the car; or even room for tradie’s tools for those remote jobs. The only limit is your imagination.

The very short 3000mm overall length and 1850mm width means the X2 has a huge 47 degrees of departure angle and it will follow in your tow car’s tracks on soft substrate. The specially developed Vehicle Components X-Cruise suspension won’t let you down.

The new Rigilite hybrid chassis is a combination of galvanised steel and aluminium and reduces weight by 10 per cent to achieve a Tare of just 835kg, and with 1650L of storage you can’t beat it. Yet it still has that combination of monocoque design and the rigidity that comes from quality materials, super heavy duty fasteners and chemical adhesives.


Dan Everett

Where some campers excel in comfort and liveability by having lots of stuff, the Patriot X2 is the exact opposite. It’s an incredibly liveable set-up simply because you don’t have to fight it constantly. From go-to-woah you can be set up and checking out in under 10 minutes. Patriot’s even designed it to be perfectly weighted so there’s no need for stabiliser legs. Their logic is better to do it this way, than need them and forget one day after throwing the kids up top. Makes sense.

Once your head’s under canvas there’s plenty of niceties about in the typical Patriot fashion. The large kitchen is the central hub. The hatch pops down for a food-grade bench, with pantry space directly in front and a Bromic gas cooker sliding right out. The controls fall easily to hand, and the fridge is just as close as any forward fold campers. Despite all this you’re still treated to a queen-sized bed up top in this spec level, and bulk storage space everywhere you look. Factor in it’s the lightest camper of the test with extensive dust sealing throughout and the X2 starts looking like the perfect camping companion.


Emma Ryan

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand these past few years, you’ll know all about Patriot Campers. The brand launched off the back of winning CTOTY in 2014 with a concept like we’d never seen: simple, rugged, exceptionally well engineered, comfortable yet still true to the concept of camping; and still at one with the elements, because that’s what it’s all about, after all. Since then Patriot has gone gangbusters; it’s now a globally recognised brand and even has its own TV show. And its flagship X1 camper has evolved exponentially, too. That’s where the X2 comes in. It’s basically Patriot getting back to its roots, with a super lightweight, versatile camper trailer that offers all of the manufacturing prowess of the X1 but with less of the fruit – and at a more affordable price point. The Rhino Rack platform allows you to add whatever rooftop-style tent you like – from a James Baroud with a set-up that takes seconds to a soft floor style, as per the camper on test. The fact the tent can be easily taken off means this unit doubles as the ultimate day-tripper, or the base for a camping trip with mates with a few swags strapped to the Rhino Rack. This camper is all about versatility and simplicity, and it nails both. 


John 'Bear' Willis

Whilst the X2 Grand Tourer is Patriot’s “back to basics” model it comes as standard with impressive self-sufficiency. From the ground up this rugged little explorer will get you in and out of remote destinations with its lightweight flexibility and small dimensions. But don’t underestimate the X2’s capacity to keep you living comfortably for extended periods of isolation.

It starts with an 85L poly water tank sitting high up into the chassis well protected by the Vehicle Components suspension. It has a pressurised pump supplying water to outlets including the Country Comfort portable gas hot water system that comes as part of the Grand Tourer options.

The X2 certainly isn’t shy on electronics either. Patriot Campers recognise that today’s traveller demands power, and to keep the party running they have an impressive list of high tech yet sensible components. There are 120Ah AGM batteries that are upgradeable to lithium. A Redarc Manager 30 battery management system keeps all the components charged with 240V, Anderson Plug connection and even a solar input. 

You can be assured of an even power supply with a 350W pure seine wave inverter. Patriot has upgraded their internal entertainment system to now fit the tremendous Fusion Sound Active Bluetooth portable unit which allows you to take your good vibes anywhere.

Self sufficiency includes storage and the X2 not only gives a whopping 160L of capacity as standard but also incorporates the large pantry drawer on the kitchen slide. When it comes to cooking there’s a twin burner gas stove plus the extendable barbecue mount.  



Tare 645kg

ATM 1200kg

Suspension Independent coil spring

Brakes 10in drum brakes

Coupling Vehicle Components DO35

Chassis 3mm RHS

Drawbar 3mm RHS

Body Alumnium

Wheel/tyre 285/75/ R16

Style Compact offroad tourer


Box size 1800wx1600wx750mmh

Length 3m (hitch to tail lights)

Tent size Various


Water 70L with pressurised pump

Kitchen Stainless steel elongated kitchen

Battery 1x120Ah AGM



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