2018 CTOTY: Complete Campsite Fraser XTE

Emma Ryan, Dan Everett, David Cook, John ' Bear' Willis — 2 March 2018

$45k+ - FINALIST

There are so many things to adore this camper trailer. From its easy electronic set-up suitable for a solo traveller or an older couple to its plumbed hot water and diesel heater, its luxuriously carpeted surfaces and maximum storage space. It has a premium feel kitchen and demonstrates relentless attention to detail, including plastic clears to allow light to shine in on rainy mornings. Every part of this camper speaks quality and comfort.


Dan Everett

This isn’t my first foray with the Complete Campsite Fraser XTE, and just like last time, while at CTOTY this time round, I was left with one lingering thought I wasn’t able to shake. This is the nicest rear-fold camper I’ve ever experienced. The layout is classic rear-fold camper. Bed up top, hard floor on the deck, and an awning/kitchen arrangement out to the passenger side. The difference is in the details.

Where a typical rear-fold camper has you struggling to get up onto the bed, the Fraser XTE has what can only be described as a gentle staircase making for an easy ascent for both old knees and young livers. That liveability has even gone so far as an opening window and ledge above the kitchen, through which morning coffees, once made, can get handed by whichever spouse happens to lose scissor paper rock.

That hard floor I mentioned earlier? It’s not your typical hard floor. Complete Campsite used Tardis technology to not only give the Fraser XTE a shorter overall length than a typical rear fold, but also give it a larger hard floor area. The whole lot operates at the push of a button, with the electronically operated ram effortlessly pushing the lid over. Once it’s down there’s room for two full length stretchers, with enough walking room you’re not tripping over each other.

There’s an almost unheard-of amount of storage, with 2500L shared between a few compartments, easy-to-reach drawers, plenty of pantry space for bulky items, and ample bench space around the kitchen hub. The attention to detail is astonishing. I’m a pretty critical guy, but as far as the usability of the Fraser XTE goes, there’s simply nothing at all to fault.


David Cook

The Fraser is sturdily built with a one-piece chassis that goes all the way through to the back of the camper, and everything is hot dip galvanised. It rides on a Vehicle Components independent suspension in a choice of 2 or 2.5 tonne rating. There are all the usual suspects in the structural fitout: DO35 hitch, six-stud alloys, 12in brakes, two rear recovery points, etc, etc.

In short, there was nothing lacking under the surface, and the surface was well attended to as well. The use of powerful adhesives and the selected use of industrial grade fasteners meant the two-pack body looked as sleek as it was well put together.

The Fraser has an overall length of 4800mm, 500mm shorter than the Aussie Swag, which would make for greater manoeuvrability in tight tracks and bends, but the width at 1970mm was 110mm wider so the gains may not be as much as they would otherwise be. The Tare weight of 1380kg was comparable, but given the higher level of fitout it seems Complete Campsite is doing everything right in terms of keeping on top of excess loading.

One area which did bother judges was the spare wheel mounting, under the rear of the camper. This was not as well attended to as in Complete Campsite’s Exodus; we noted this before the camper went out on the tracks, where the wheel shroud appeared to dig into the ground and tear free, anchoring the camper where it was. We’re sure the factory is already on top of fixing that.

Otherwise, the Fraser was well equipped to meet the rigours of offroad travel, from its mesh stoneguard to the LED taillights.


John ‘Bear’ Willis

When you talk state-of-the-art you can always look to Complete Campsite to be forerunners. This Fraser XTE rates through the roof for self-sufficiency, yet at the same time provides maximised comfort and ease. Water is a primary prerequisite in our hot, dry land but even in the cold climates there’s nothing like a hot shower to warm the cockles of the heart and other bits as well! Plus the tent is heated for those cold southern nights.

The Fraser is fitted with plenty of water capacity in its 150L food-grade poly tank that is enclosed within the body of the camper to eliminate any opportunity of puncturing from underneath. There’s a 12V pump delivering water to the kitchen, diesel hot water system, shower and external tap, and even a separate pump and filter for drawing fresh, clean water from that crystal mountain stream.

Did we say “state-of-the-art?” Well, it doesn’t come much better than the comprehensive electrical supply to the Fraser XTE. It all starts with a pair of 105Ah AGM batteries and a Redarc Manager30 BMS charging, maintaining and clearly indicating rate of charge and discharge through all of the components including AC/DC, Anderson Plug and solar circuits. There’s a 350W pure sine wave inverter for running 240V accessories and charging the portable equipment including computers and cameras with plenty of sensible LED lighting, USB and other 12V charging options. When you’re away from it all you can keep everything powered up with a folding 120W solar panel plus the Anderson plug when you’re on the road.

You won’t be running out of gas too often either with twin 4.5kg bottles securely mounted in the front box along with twin 20L jerry cans and the huge volume of storage compartments in the Fraser means that the whole family can safely take all of their toys, as well as the necessities for a long adventure.


Emma Ryan

Complete Campsite is no stranger to Camper Trailer of the Year and has more than a couple of trophies tucked under its belt from years gone by. And in 2018 it has knocked our socks off, again — this time with the exceptional Fraser XTE hard floor. Pitched at the top end of the camper trailer market, this classy rig is aimed at adventurers who want a genuine offroad camper that offers exceptional capacity to be self-sufficient while not sacrificing an iota of comfort. Has it met that brief? Absolutely – and then some.

It would be easier to write a list of things I don’t like about this camper although you’d have nothing to read, so I’ll do the opposite. It’s got an incredibly simple set-up procedure that one person could easily handle alone, an unbelievable volume of usable storage space, a supreme level of comfort inside and out, a kitchen to please any budding master chef, an electrical system that will sustain you for as long as you need and a flawless quality of finish in every corner. As on all Complete Campsite products, the attention to detail on the Fraser is evident everywhere you look, with loads of innovative little touches all designed to make life easier at camp – and all adding up to one unbeatable package.



Tare 1380kg

ATM 2000kg

Suspension Vehicle Components Cruisemaster 

Brakes 12in 

Coupling DO35

Chassis Laser cut, hot-dipped galvanised 150x50x3mm (chassis-drawbar combined)

Drawbar Laser cut, hot-dipped galvanised 150x50x3mm 

Body Aluminium and stainless steel

Wheel/tyre 17x8in, 6in stud alloy with 265/70 R17 mud terrains

Style Rear-fold hard floor


Box size 3500mmLx1890mmWx950mmH 

Length 4800mm

Tent size 5440mmLx1750mmWx2950mmH + 6050mmLx2100mmW


Gas cylinders 2x4.5kg

Water 150L

Cooktop Three-burner

Kitchen Stainless steel slide-out with drawers, cooktop and sink and rear bench extension

Battery 2x100amp


$72,300 incl GST + on-road costs.


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