Seven products to make your life easier when camping

Julija Zivanovic — 9 February 2024
Camping is super fun, and there are a lot of products out there designed to make it easier, more enjoyable and in some cases, safer.

Camping can be a fantastic opportunity to explore the great outdoors and simply relish the silence with friends and family. While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of camping essentials and accessories, there are some which we believe are indispensable to a safe and enjoyable trip.

To help make your camping experience more enjoyable and hassle-free, we’ve made a handy list of must-have items … and included their benefits and where to purchase them for your convenience. So read on to discover how to make your next outdoor adventure a breeze.

Comms device/radio

If you’re taking your camper to remote areas, having an appropriate communications device to reach the outside world is non-negotiable. There are many kinds of long-reaching comms devices such as UHF radios and satellite phones but for Aussie conditions, our top pick is the Uniden XTRAK 80 Pro. This 4WD radio is designed and engineered in Japan and made with the most advanced materials and technologies. It features 80 UHF channels, a large anti-glare OLED display with dimmer, three programmable smart keys and much more. To get more information or purchase the 4x4 pack with antenna, just click here

Recovery gear

Nothing is more annoying than being bogged while in the middle of a fun trip with friends. In the past you may have had to wait a long time for someone else to come to tow you out of the ground. These days, thanks to evolving technology, there is a range of recovery gear that allows you to pull yourself out of bogs using a nearby tree or similar. These products save a lot of time and money, especially if you end up needing to call for emergency services.

For all your recovery needs we recommend the range from Saber Offroad — an Aussie brand making big strides in the industry with their quality-made and engineered recovery equipment. You can explore the full Saber range here

First aid

You never know when an accident could strike when on a road trip to new and exciting destinations. The Australian bush and outback are known for being dangerous and unforgiving, with many kinds of flora and fauna capable of harming human beings. To ensure you and your loved ones are safe on the road, it’s important to have a first aid kit on board your vehicle in case disaster strikes. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and first aid equipment could keep you stable until you reach medical services, preventing your death.

The SURVIVAL range from A247 is comprehensive and includes the highest quality first aid materials in a range of packs and sizes, and includes specific packs designed for snake bite treatment. To explore the range of first aid kits designed for offroad travel just click here

Fire safety

Fire safety is an essential in Australia, as the weather and dry terrain create the perfect environment for bushfires. It’s important to be prepared for any situation — especially when in the middle of nowhere — and with that in mind we recommend the Fire-One range of fire extinguishers. Designed for life on the road and to be easily stowed in your tow vehicle or camper trailer, the range from Fire One can be used on most types of fires including household, fuel, gas, electrical and oil fires. They dispense a non-toxic, environmentally safe potassium-based agent that leaves no residue (or mess to clean up), unlike traditional fire extinguishers. To purchase a Fire-One extinguisher, click here

Insect and bug control

Nothing is worse than being eaten alive by all sorts of bugs, particularly mosquitos, when you’re enjoying the serenity of the outdoors. There are many kinds of technologies used in bug repellents out there, but we love the range from Thermacell. Thermacell repellers use no messy spray or lotion and are silent, scent-free, lightweight and portable. They make repelling mosquitos and other critters easy and inconspicuous, and most importantly, keep you safe from scratching itchy bites all night. Just click here to check out the Thermacell range from A247.

CGear Multimats

Few items are as revolutionary as the incredible multifunctional mats from CGear. Their unique design allows dirt to pass through them but not back up the mat, eliminating unwanted dirt and sand from coming into the cabin of your camper trailer or tow vehicle. Their lightweight design means they can also be used for shade and privacy, and they just make your whole activity area cleaner and tidier. 

While they come in many different shapes and sizes, we recommend the L-shaped CGear Multimat that wraps around the perimeter of your vehicle. This allows for a smooth transition between your vehicle and the ground, where you never have to get dirty. The L-Shape Multimat comes in three sizes, 4m,  5.5m and 7m, and is available for purchase from leading retailers and the A247 website

Camp kitchen essentials and lighting

Cooking equipment specifically designed for camping environments continues to evolve, and now there are countless products and brands available to make cooking away from home just as easy as doing it in your very own kitchen. And some new products are making it look stylish too.

To make cooking your camp dishes more enjoyable and convenient, we recommend the Barebones range. This range of kitchen equipment and cooking utensils includes everything from camp stoves, pots and pans, crockery, knives, tongs and much more. The crockery has a beautiful copper trim and adds a nice touch to otherwise often boring-looking camp cooking gear. The brand also makes incredibly bright lights and lanterns … because everyone knows how annoying it is to do anything in the dark when camping. These are built with quality materials and a unique heritage design made to last. Check out the full range of Barebones camp cooking and lighting equipment here


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