CGear — Camping Gear Designed for Aussie Conditions

Editorial team and Tim van Duyl — 2 October 2023
CGear is proudly an Australian owned company, and designs camping gear specifically to withstand Australian conditions

Australia is a land made for adventures, and having the right gear with you when you head off on your next camping trip can make all the difference. CGear is proudly an Australian owned company, and designs camping gear specifically to withstand Australian conditions – with a particular focus on allowing you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors without sand, dirt and dust creeping their way into your outdoor living areas. 


Enjoy a clean and comfortable outdoor living area with the CGear Multimat. The company’s bestselling product, this rectangular lightweight mat is made using CGear’s patented technology to allow sand and dirt to filter through the mat to the ground below – perfect for any camp site, whether you’re heading into the outback or onto the beach. 

Available in a large range of sizes, ranging from the 1m x 1m Mini Mat to 6m x 6m, the Multimat is also extremely versatile and can also be used as a shade mat (with 90 per cent + UV protection) or windbreak. Simply use the D-Rings to secure it however you need. The mat also comes with a drawstring carry bag, and simply needs to be brushed and shaken out before folding away. Prices from $49-$539.

Privacy Screen

The CGear Privacy Screen is another handy product that can make all the difference when setting up camp. Made from the same fabric as the Multimat, the Privacy Screen can be easily installed onto your van’s awning roller and secured to the ground using the D-ring tie points, providing protection and privacy without the loss of ventilation. The screen is compatible with popular awning brands and comes in a wide range of sizes. If your campsite already enjoys plenty of privacy, the screen can also be used as a shade mat or windbreak. 

L-Shaped Multimat

The latest addition to CGear’s camping range, the L-Shaped Multimat is the perfect companion for anyone travelling with a van in tow. The L-Shape design was created to fit perfectly around the side and back of your caravan, camper or ute, allowing you to access all your camper’s rear or front features within the comfort of your clean outdoor living area. Simply reverse, flip or rotate the mat to suit your setup. 

CGear L-Shape Multimat

The L-Shaped Multimat is available in three sizes 4m x 4m, 5.5m x 4m, 7m x 4m, and as the name would suggest, has all the same features and dirt and sand-free benefits as the traditional Multimat. 

CGear’s products can be purchased directly through CGear website or through its various stockists, including A247.

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