Goodyear launches new Wrangler DuraTrac RT offroad tyres

Editorial Team — 5 September 2023
Enjoy offroad exploration at its finest with the recently launched Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac RT offroad tyres.

This latest addition to the Goodyear lineup builds upon the success of the original Wrangler DuraTrac, a tyre beloved by Australian enthusiasts for its proven performance off the beaten track. 

The improved Wrangler DuraTrac RT includes a series of considered updates that offer even higher levels of durability and traction while preserving the qualities that made the original Wrangler a fan favourite. 

“For the last 12 years, feedback from customers and dealers about the original Wrangler DuraTrac has consistently been ‘don't change anything’,” said Jeremy Hill, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing at Goodyear Tyres ANZ. “We love that, but just like our customers, we also like to explore the limits. Our evolved Wrangler DuraTrac RT keeps all the qualities that make the original so good and pushes even further.”

Put to the test at Goodyear’s proving ground, the Wrangler DuraTrac RT showcases impressive improvements, including a more than 10 per cent improvement in wet and dry handling and even better offroad performance in mud and sand compared to its already accomplished predecessor, upon which the Wrangler DuraTrac RT is based. 

The Wrangler DuraTrac RT is designed for travellers who generally split their driving 70/30 between offroad and on-road, which also means the tyre won’t feel out of place on the bitumen. You’ll be able to seamlessly transition from everyday use to the rugged worksite before heading away on your next weekend escape — whether that’s on or off the road. 

Key enhancements found in the Wrangler DuraTrac RT include: 

  • Tread: A new, optimised tread pattern with solid tread blocks and more biting edges to provide superior grip and traction in mud and other rugged conditions. The bold, attractive appearance showcases the RT’s capability.
  • Light truck construction: A more robust construction and the introduction of Tri-Shield Technology — a thicker, three-ply sidewall, increasing strength for greater resistance to abrasions and cuts from rocks and sharp objects. 
  • Traction: DuraEdge Technology extends deep tread features over the shoulder of the tyre and onto the upper sidewall, adding side-biters to enhance traction and delivering greater protection against rocks and extreme offroad hazards, particularly when running lower pressures in unpredictable terrain. 
  • Compound: The Wrangler DuraTrac RT retains the proven, durable tread compound of the original DuraTrac, which is renowned for its hardwearing characteristics, outstanding traction and resistance to cutting and chipping in extreme conditions. The design remains as reliable as ever. 
  • Protection: Enjoy the built-in rim protection, which provides a defensive barrier against scratches and wheel damage in rough terrain in order to keep the rims looking their best. 

The Wrangler DuraTrac RT now features a light truck construction in all sizes, which means that the carcass is even tougher than before. Wrap-around gum strips enhance the bond between the steel belts and the tyre compound, creating a greater connection to the tread blocks for even more confidence when hitting rough roads. 

Intricate changes were made to the tread pattern, including a major increase in the number of sipes to improve traction in wet, muddy and snowy conditions. Adjustments to blade angles on the tread blocks and the angle and depth of the tie-bars between the tread blocks were made to reduce tread squirm and establish more predictable performance across various terrains. Deeper tie-bars also minimise rubber chipping. 

“I love taking off to explore the rugged terrain of Australia,” said offroad enthusiast Tim Bates of Tim Bates 4WD Adventures. “Having the right tyre that lets me go where I please is so important, and that’s exactly what the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac RT has proven to be. The new Wrangler DuraTrac RT gives me even more of the confidence I want in my tyres. It maximises my vehicle and lets me tackle the remote and offroad places I’m always looking forward to.” 

The Wrangler DuraTrac RT will soon be stocked at Bob Jane T-Marts, alongside the original model. 

To find your nearest Goodyear stockist or for more information about the range, visit Goodyear’s website


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