Discover the ultimate offroad adventure with the Patriot Campers GEN2 X1

Editorial Team — 3 July 2023
Experience the ultimate offroad adventure with the Patriot Campers GEN2 X1. Pre-order now for the perfect family getaway!

Recently launched by Patriot Campers is the GEN2 X1, described as the ultimate Australian-made offroad camper trailer for families. This innovative camper features a kids’ room that can comfortably sleep four little ones and a change room attachment that provides extra space for changing, playing or additional sleeping arrangements if needed.

The composite powered hard roof on the X1 simplifies set up and pack up, while the central locking system makes it easy to secure your belongings. Designed with exceptional offroad capabilities, the GEN2 X1 ensures a smooth and reliable journey through even the most rugged terrains, making it the perfect companion for adventurous families. Experience the perfect blend of convenience, comfort and offroad performance with the GEN2 X1.

All-new electric hard roof 

The X1 GEN2 camper trailer is equipped with a remote-controlled composite hard roof that opens and closes at the touch of a button. With no heavy lifting required, it provides easy access to the cabin with an almost entirely automated set up. 

CS3™ integrated tent

Patriot has developed the ultimate camping solution for families with a modular setup that includes a spacious main cabin, convenient change room and an optional kids’ room for up to four little ones, allowing you to customise the tent fittings based on your needs and ensuring a comfortable adventure for the whole family.

Bedroom and living

Experience ultimate comfort with an expanded sleeping space, featuring a 200mm wider bed base and mattress, an oversized queen bed up top and a flexible changing area at the base of the stairs for added convenience during your camping adventures.

Styling with central locking

You will never have to put a padlock on the latches of your camper trailer ever again. All models in the GEN2 range come with central locking as standard. Gain easy access to your camper with soft touch buttons on all doors, replacing clunky external latches. 

Learn more about all the new features included in the GEN2 range here . Get an exclusive look at what's new and improved, as well as a detailed overview of each feature. Pre-orders for the GEN2 model range are now being accepted at all Australian-authorised dealers.


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