Summer Holiday Destination - Tasmania

Amelia Mansell — 2 December 2022
Tasmania has everything there is to offer for a summertime adventure, with the added bonus of being as far south as Australia can offer.

As large as it is beautiful, Australia is replete with wonderful destinations to visit when summer rears its head once more. No matter which direction you point your vehicle, there is a destination that can sate the wanderlust of even the most adventurous of souls in December.  

Essentially a country in and of itself, Tasmania has everything there is to offer for a summertime adventure, with the added bonus of being as far south as Australia can offer. 

For many visitors, Cradle Mountain is the obvious choice — and with a Discovery Park located at the edge of the world-heritage listed national park, it is easy to see why. When November rolls around, unpowered and powered sites range in price from $65 to $85 per night, with a variety of cabin accommodation available at a respective rate for stays over two nights. 

As liberal as it is with natural wonders, Tasmania has no shortage of free or low-cost campsites to enjoy. Choose a homebase, and explore the island state from there, or create an itinerary and wind your way from mountains to rainforests to rugged coastlines. Camp for free by the beach in the Bay of Fires Conservation Area, with its large eight campsites (no bookings required) or secure your spot at one of the two Tasman National Park campsites to revel in daytrips and a coastal paradise complete with wildflowers and wildlife (bookings can be made between November and April, and for Parks Pass holders cost $13 for a couple or $16 for a family). 

Many camping areas are available only to Parks Pass holders, so get organised early and be prepared for sites that do not require bookings to be busy through the summer months. 

Bay of Fire, TasmaniaBay of Fire, Tasmania

While the cost of accommodation can be bypassed in Tassie, getting there can be another thing entirely. When travelling across with caravan or camper in tow, the Spirt of Tasmania can set you back more than $1000 each way, the cost dependant on the number of travellers, size of tow vehicle and caravan or trailer. Bookings should be made well in advance to secure your spot, and as of October 2022, the Spirit of Tasmania’s Victoria terminal will be departing from Geelong. 

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