New Lithium Battery Range from REMCO

Caravan World — 29 November 2022
Power up your outdoor lifestyle with Lithium Deep Cycle.

Life on the road has come a long way over the past few decades. Caravan and camping set-ups are becoming more technology driven, with an eye for innovation, advancement and ultimate comfort. With new tech-gadgets being developed daily, it is important that your set-up has the right batteries to ensure you have power when you need it. And for the past few years, caravanners, 4x4 drivers and boat owners have been slowly adopting lithium batteries when powering up their adventures. 

REMCO has recently launched its new lithium battery range to ensure customers have access to the latest technology hitting the market, and most importantly, access to energy anywhere the road might take them. 

Lithium batteries, or more specifically LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate), offer many advantages depending on your intended use. REMCO lithium batteries are perfect for dual battery applications. 

The technology and component quality of lithium batteries will typically translate to a larger price-tag compared to traditional batteries. However, lithium batteries can offer up to 3000 more cycles than a traditional battery, resulting in a more affordable option in the long run. Decreased weight and faster charging are also big advantages of choosing lithium for your caravan or four-wheel drive, but the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity takes managing your power to a whole new level. 

When using the REMCO battery mobile app, you can monitor the battery in real-time, ensuring safer usage and a longer lifespan. This works hand in hand with the BMS (battery management system), allowing customers to access important information such as battery state of charge, temperature, BMS alarms, the current draw of appliances and so much more. 

Power your next adventure with a REMCO lithium battery from your local Autobarn, Opposite-Lock, Battery World or auto electrician.

Visit REMCO online for more info. 

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REMCO Lithium Deep Cycle Lithium Battery