2023 Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X

Amelia Mansell — 25 October 2022
Isuzu 2023 D-MAX and MU-X available for purchase in December 2022

December will be an exciting month for us all, but for some, a bit more so with the news that Isuzu UTE Australia’s 2023 (23MY) D-MAX and MU-X ranges will be hitting the market just in time for Christmas. And with refreshed designs and new feature inclusions to boot, many of which were made due to customer feedback, so we can all give ourselves a clap on the back for what looks to be a resounding success. 

Driven by customer feedback and suggestions, the 23MY D-MAX range will be more sophisticated than ever, with new features, 24 variants to choose between, and a nice and shiny refreshed exterior design and colour palette – the red trim and leather combination is particularly snazzy. The list goes on, and Isuzu have aimed to please, with new signature grille design, new wheels, fresh trim and paint finishes, and functionality updates to make sure that your driving experience is as good as it can be. 

Isuzu’s signature horizontal bar grille has become iconic on the roads, and we’re all excited to see it get even better with this latest batch. While we can all appreciate the sleek, modern lines of the bar grille and exterior design of Isuzu’s D-MAX range – the most obvious change is that each D-MAX model will be more recognisable than ever, with each version’s bar grille featuring a different two-tone colour palette. 

23MY Isuzu 4x4 D-MAX X-TERRAIN23MY Isuzu 4x4 D-MAX X-TERRAIN

23MY Isuzu 4x4 D-MAX X-TERRAIN

The SX will have two-tones of black, the LS-M black and grey, LS-U and LS-U+ will both feature two-tone grey and chrome, while the X-TERRAIN will have two-tone dark grey. In keeping with this new design, the LED rear combination lights will match perfectly with dark grey metallic trims, instead of chrome. 

Strong, durable, and sporting wipe-clean surfaces that reflect its tradie focus, the popular SX range will be welcoming three additional variants. Tailgate Assist will be a new and welcome inclusion on the ute varients.

  • SX Crew Cab Chassis 4x2 Automatic

  • SX Crew Cab Ute 4x2 Automatic

  • SX Crew Cab Ute 4x4 Automatic

Isuzu’s renowned fuel-economic RZ4E-TC 1.9-litre turbo-diesel engine will be available across this wider range of body styles. The 3.0-litre remains available across all models and body styles. 

As mentioned, all owners who took the time to give their feedback can feel mighty proud of themselves; customer surveys revealed that almost half of Isuzu owners use their vehicle to tow something. And hearing this, Isuzu engineers aimed to simplify the whole experience with this newest range by automatically disabling Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Traffic Alert when a trailer is hitched up and detected via the genuine trailer wiring harness.

“In a market where some brands have removed features to meet delivery timeframes, we’ve listened to the feedback from Customers and the Media and have introduced new features to keep the Isuzu D-MAX towards the top of the segment; features that appeal to the modern ute driver, and the towing and touring adventurer,” said Isuzu UTE Australia Managing Director, Hiroyasu Sato.  

You’ve only got to hit the roads for about five minutes to see that there is a massive demand on the market for large 4WD SUVs, and the Isuzu MU-X remained a fan-favourite among buyers looking for a family focused, adventure-ready SUV. The 23MY MU-X update will include new features, finishes, and a darker design aesthetic to make this top-selling SUV even more formidable.  

23MY Isuzu 4x4 MU-X LS-T23MY Isuzu 4x4 MU-X LS-T

23MY Isuzu 4x4 MU-X LS-T

The 23MY MU-X will be available in three grades: LS-M, LS-U and LS-T, in either 4x2 or selectable 4x4, and will all be powered with Isuzu’s renowned 3.0-litre turbo-diesel engine. 

On top of the design refresh that the 23MY MU-X models received, notable new features include a handsfree tailgate system on the LS-U and LS-T models – a perfect addition for anyone with their hands full of gear or kids – as well as the welcome changes to aid with towing that the 23MY D-MAX models received. 

As there is an approximately four to six months wait on D-MAX and MU-X models, any cars yet to be built which are scheduled for delivery after December 2022 will be automatically upgraded to the 23MY range at no extra cost.

The 23MY D-MAX SX Single Cab Chassis Manual 4x2 starts at $31,990 driveaway, and the flagship 23MY D-MAX X-TERRAIN 4x4 will retain its $64,990 driveaway price.

The driveway price for the flagship 23MY MU-X LS-T 4x4 is set to start at $65,990.