Blundstone 600 Series

Reviewed by John Ford — 7 April 2022
In need of some new bush beaters that you can also wear to dinner?

Designer runners may be the choice for stepping out at the local coffee bar, but they aren’t that practical in the bush. A sensible alternative is a pair of quality leather boots and the elastic sides style is quick to fit, and very supportive and comfortable for everyday wear on the road.

Award-winning icon and fit-for-purpose footwear brand, Blundstone, has released the new 600 Series unisex work boot collection, answering the needs of its loyal customers by refreshing a much-loved classic, suitable for all sorts of outdoor activities.

I have been road testing a pair of the new 600 series and I agree that the level of comfort from the new materials is improved over my 20 year old pair that have seen regular misuse.

Blundstone is a Tasmanian company, headquartered in Hobart and though most of their boots are now manufactured in India and Thailand, the build quality and the leather are superb.

For almost 150 years, family-owned Blundstone has provided sturdy and reliable boots for life on the land and this latest release takes that to the next level. Every one of these bold new #600 Series Blundstones is packed with upgraded features such as soft leather uppers and lining, herringbone elastic sides, and hidden stitching for added durability. The enhanced line of boots has all the needed support and extra comfort you’d expect and are built with optimum comfort and protection in mind.

The adult styles in the 600 Series provides an extra level of support and cushioning with Blundstone’s SPS Max Comfort system featuring XRD® Technology. XRD® Technology provides the best repeated impact protection by absorbing up to 90 per cent of energy at high speed through the boots’ soft, lightweight, breathable cushioning pads. This feature changes the level of performance, comfort and confidence of the wearer and reduces fatigue and orthopaedic issues.  

The Series consists of six styles for men, women, and children, including styles for men women and children in brown and black. Retail price is $120.

RRP: $120


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